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The Midland Zoo in Sioux City just lost one of their three polar bears they have on display. Polar bears have been a main attraction and have thrived at this zoo since 1985.

The oldest and most playful polar bear, 16-year-old, Homer, was found by zookeeper Sara N. Getty at 7 this morning, just an hour after his feeding. Sara says, “Homer was a very curious and playful polar bear and we will miss him terribly.”

After the incident, the other two polar bears were removed from the exhibit. They are both being monitored by veterinary staff, headed by Dr. Shanda Lear. She explains, “The zoo will perform a necropsy to try to determine the cause of death,” she continues, “the results will not be available for several weeks.”

Zoo director, Chris P. Bacon, says they are doing everything they can to determine how their polar bear died. He emphasized the primary goals of the zoo are the preservation of species and animal welfare.

The zoo’s unique exhibit allows the bears to engage in natural behaviors like playing in snow, digging in gravel, and hunting trout in the chilled pool. These bears are¬†educating zoo visitors about threatened animals such as themselves.


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  2. Hey, I can comment!

    This is nicely organized, Jade. Easy to cut from the bottom if necessary. I might cut “most playful bear” from the second graf. It gets repeated in the vet’s quote, and focusing on the fact Homer was the oldest bear makes his death seem more natural.

    A zoo is an it, not a they.

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