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I walked to the library from Lewis Hall in search of a piece of gum. Specifically, this piece of gum could not be pink. Nowadays, that’s not too difficult because most people carry mint gum instead of bubble gum. I first used a direct approach and asked the young man, with long brown hair at the front desk if he had a piece of gum that I could have. He said no, either because he didn’t want to give me any or he actually didn’t have any on him. Next, I saw two girls sitting at a table so I decided to go up and try them. I first said hello and asked if i could sit with them for a minute. I then introduced myself and they said their names were Hayley and Jenna. Hayley is blonde and wearing a tan cardigan. Jenna has dark brown hair and was wearing a pink t-shirt and black, square glasses. I asked if either of them had a piece of gum and Hayley said that she did. I then asked her if it was pink and she confusingly said no. Jenna asked, “What is the significance of it being pink?” That is when i explained to them that I had to go out and ‘scavenge’ for a piece of gum that wasn’t pink for a class in practicing talking to strangers. All in all, it wasn’t too difficult because many people do carry gum on them, and the girls were very nice and understanding.


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  3. Nicely done, Jade. You end with “nice and understanding,” which is telling, but that’s fine because you showed me in the article that they really were nice and understanding. One thing about details like clothing and glasses and such: be strategic. Use the details that will help readers see and understand what you’re doing.

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