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Calico cat causes catastrophe

Local firefighter broke his left leg while trying to save a cat stuck in a 50 foot oak tree.

Bob Harwood climbed the tree at Charlie and Kim Decker’s household and fell the last 15 feet when a dead limb broke under him. The fall caused him to break his left leg and be admitted to St. Luke’s Hospital where he is doing “just fine”.

The cat is doing just fine as well, Bob broke his fall.

Summer vacation causing mayhem at East High

Numerous “incidents” have been reported at East High school, leading to multiple suspensions.

Principal Laura Vibelius believes with summer vacation right around the corner, there is a “general unrest” amongst students. Three false fire alarms, smoking marijuana on school property, and a food fight are just a few accounts that happened at the school.

Ten upperclassmen were protesting the suspension of 5 other students that were caught smoking marijuana in the school parking lot. Each of these students involved were suspended for a week.

“Not so much unrest because of suspensions, but because of summer vacation being so near,” says Vibelius. She sees no continuation of these incidents in the near future.

Local sewer lines flooded with gasoline

Four families were forced to evacuate their homes because of a gasoline trunk overturn.

On the outskirts of town, near Correctionville Road, a Texaco gasoline truck overturned causing gas to flood sewer lines in a two-block radius. The gas was also on street and in ditches, making traffic rerout through the side streets.

Fire Chief Charles Hochandel says, “The firemen followed catastrophe and hazmat procedures set up beforehand for just such an occurrence.”

The gas was flushed away two hours after the spill.


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