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Morningside thumps Doane

Morningside overwhelms Doane

Both of these stories cover our football game played on Saturday, October 8th at Olsen Stadium against Doane. The main point of each of these stories was the fact that we were ranked #6 (due to a loss to #2 in Division III, Wisconsin-Whitewater) and beat #3 Doane a staggering 67-9.

The video story includes more background information on the two teams while the text story didn’t include any. They both start with the offense, highlighting key players and plays, such as quarterback Trent Solsma, connecting with receivers Tanner VerSteeg and Michael Whitehead.

One thing the text story includes is quotes from interviews with players and even Coach Ryan after the game. The video story didn’t have any.

Another thing the text story includes is defensive highlights. The video story doesn’t include any which curious to me because football both a huge offensive and defensive game.

The videos that the video story included aid in showing just how dominant the game was. You can tell everyone the yardage and stats, but seeing these numbers being executed is helpful in reiterating their main point.

The text story ends with the top highlight of the game for Doane whereas the video story doesn’t mention Doane. This is understandable, though, because it is a local television station and I think the people watching a t.v. wouldn’t care about the other team as much as someone who reads a printed article.



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    A good discussion, Jade. Local broadcast news has to cover a ton of sports stories on the weekend, so they do tend to focus on offensive stars and a brief overview of the game’s big plays. They don’t have time to do interviews, and they wouldn’t havetie to use them even if they had quotes. The exception, if they still do them, is the “game of the week” type deal, which gets more attention.

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