Aug 22 2013

Day Ones are done

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College students know what to expect on Day One: Here’s your syllabus. Here’s what I [the prof] expect. Do this for┬ánext class. See you then.

I hope I disappointed.

Day One of Intro (Comm 101) meant discussing the relevance of the mass media–content AND technology. The media have a huge impact on all of us, so having a mass comm class is more than just relevant, and it definitely should not simply be an EPV credit they can cross off their progress charts. I’m looking forward to our discussions, class.

Day One of Fundamentals meant a frothing monologue about the importance of writing and of the media, a little bit of profanity and George Carlin, and the students’ introduction to Hawkwind.

Again, I’m looking forward to the semester and the discovery — or at least recognition — that writing can still have impact, and can still change people’s perceptions.

Buckle up, ya’ll. It’s going to be a good semester!


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