Bob Roe’s Point After

I’ve been to Bob Roe’s Point After many times, though truthfully, I rarely eat the food. It is a popular spot for post-meeting gatherings of faculty members, so I usually frequent the restaurant to have a reasonably priced drink or two, which always come in these unique mugs.

All beverages, including the frothy kind, come in these mugs

All beverages, including the frothy kind, come in these mugs

I’ve eaten the wings and the pizza (both good), so I decided to try a new approach. I did what I plan to do for the entirety of this May Term experience: I ordered the daily special. The specials at Bob Roe’s are static (except for Saturday); every day of the week has a certain menu item designated. As this was a Monday, I ordered the steak sandwich, cooked medium. Luckily, some of the students ordered appetizers and wings, which they let me sample. I’ve eaten the wings many times, but I had no idea they also came in a honey mustard sauce. I was pleasantly surprised. The wings at Bob Roe’s are always cooked perfectly–the blend of crispy skin, tender chicken, and a slathering of sauce is consistent. The honey mustard sauce had just the right blend of honey and spicy mustard, with an emphasis on spicy.

After the wings and onion rings were consumed, my steak sandwich arrived at the table. I was surprised and confused.

I was expecting something less "lump-of-steak" and more "sandwich"

I was expecting something less “piece-of-steak-on-white-bread” and more “sandwich.” Also, the wings were excellent (remains on the right).

What arrived at the table definitely resembled steak, but the concept of a sandwich seemed to elude my plate. The menu did not aptly describe the open-faced nature of the sandwich very well (*Update, if I had the good sense of finding the actual menu item¬†on the LEFT side of the menu,¬†instead of just reading it on the special, I would have seen that it is, in fact, described as open faced). Having my expectations dashed isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, so I soldiered on, crunching my way through the perfectly crisped fries and slicing my way into my “sandwich.” The flavor of the steak was good. Seasoned with the right amount of salt and a minor, tasty charring of the exterior, the steak was also surprisingly bacon-wrapped (again, not on the menu). It tasted great, but it was a bit tough. I’m not sure if this is the case for all the cuts of meat they used, or if the steak was just too far past “medium” for tenderness to be an option.

No pink to be found

No pink to be found.

Even though it was a bit tough and overcooked, it was quite tasty. I had a bit of trouble finishing it because of the large portion size, which was unexpected based on the reasonable price of $7.75.

Final Thoughts: Bob Roe’s Point After is a Sioux City Staple. It’s been around for 30 years, and it’s a great place for families, colleagues, sports teams, or any other group of people to get together. It’s a fun atmosphere, and the wait staff was incredibly helpful and deftly served our large group. Most of the students ordered wings and pizza (though some ventured into steak sandwich territory with me), and if it is your first time in the restaurant I would suggest sticking with the wings and pizza: it’s what they do best.


This is the ceiling!

This is the ceiling!