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October 9, 2017

A Long Standing Tradition Returns- 1st Draft.

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The Greek Life organizations at Morningside are known to usually have friendly rivalries throughout the year, they put their differences aside during Homecoming Week to band together for a worthy cause.

Morningside’s three Greek Life organizations came together this year to bring back the Stand Against Breast Cancer fundraiser that former Morningside fraternity Delta Sigma Phi started in 2008. The fundraiser entails someone standing on a wooden box outside of the Olsen Student Center 24 hours a day from the end of Into The Streets on Wednesday until game time on Saturday, where the box is moved down to the stadium where someone continues to stand. The goal is to help create awareness for breast cancer, and to raise money for breast cancer research. Morningside’s current Greek Life scene is made up of sorority Alpha Omicron Pi, and fraternities Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and Acacia.

The project was a collaborative effort of the Greek Council and Bradley Davis of Phi Mu Alpha. Bradley is a 2nd year senior majoring in Elementary Education with and emphasis in Special Education. He join Phi Mu Alpha in the spring of 2016 because he wanted to continue on the fundraiser after the dismantling of Delta Sigma Phi. He felt that it was a great cause and said, “I heard many complaints from alumni when there wasn’t a box during last year’s homecoming.” After hearing this, Davis was hard at work to help resurrect the fundraiser. He built a completely new box, which features the letters of the three organizations and paid tribute to Delta Sigma Phi. He also pitched the idea to the Greek Council and got the organizations to participate in the project.

Overall, 24 members across the three organizations participated in standing in the box. While they worked in shifts, not a moment between Wednesday afternoon and Saturday evening was spent without somebody standing on the box, even though there was rainy conditions throughout the week. It wasn’t just active members of the organizations that participated, even those pledging to the organizations contributed towards the cause. Freshman Shawnae Van Veldhuizen is currently pledging to Alpha Omicron Pi. When asked about her experience on the box, she said, “I stood on the box for two hours but hung by the box for another 3 hours.”

By the end of the Football game Saturday, over $500 was raised for the June E. Lylen Cancer Center here in Sioux City. Davis says “faculty and alumni enjoyed the return of the fundraiser.” He hopes that with more planning for next year, the Stand Against Breast Cancer fundraiser will be better than ever.

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