News Comment Week 1

4 09 2012

Tyrann Mathieu to enroll at LSU

Tyrann Mathieu was as sure as a first round draft pick as you can get if he has a decent senior year for the National Champion runner ups of last year, LSU. Mathieu’s hopes and dreams went down the drain nearly three weeks ago when he was found in violation of the teams substance abuse policy for the third time. Les Miles dismissed Tyrann from the team shortly after. Mathieu didnt have many options, he could go to a small FCS school and play immediately or just train for the 2013 draft and hope to get picked up. In fact, Mathieu chose a completely different route. He decided to stay enrolled at LSU and concentrate on grades and has recently been working on his character issues with former NBA player John Lucas. Mathieu is hoping that if he can straighten up his act he will be able to play another season with his tiger uniform on but no response from head coach Les Miles has been made about the story. This story will continue to grow and the question is, will Les Miles let the “honey badger” suit up for the LSU tigers again?

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23 08 2012

Chocolate Star Bar Analysis.

Not to many students can say that there professor handed out chocolate ice cream bars at 10:30 in the morning. When my professor walked in with the boxes full of treats my morning instantly went from tired and groggy to wide awake and alert. Unwrapping the paper was the only thing that was between me and the delicious chocolate covered ice cream bar. The first bite was like sinking my teeth into a chocolatey heaven. The blistering cold vanilla ice cream in the middle was just the right temperature to turn my teeth into ice for just seconds. The ice cream bars were not only a delicious treat but also, almost like a savior to my sluggish forsaken morning.