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If there was one restaurant thoughout this course that was the most out of the ordinary from my typical dining experience, it would be at the Indigo Palette. Located smack dab in the middle of downtown Sioux City’s historic fourth street, it is still somehow a hidden gem. Not only is it a restaurant, it is also an art gallery, as well as a coffee shop. The walls are decked with art, all of which is available for purchase. The bar in the store does serve alcohol, but doubles as the main coffee shop.

For my first trip to the Indigo Palette I decided to go with a slightly familiar yet somewhat different dish. I ordered the cajun chicken sandhwich, along with a cup of chili due to reccomendation by the waitress. The chili was composed of black beans and brown beans, along with shreds of beef. The beans were good. They were soft and had a great flavor and consistancy to them. The soup consisted of around 90% beans, a fact that in a way turned me away from loving the soup. Also, the beef was very scarce, though it was tender and juicy. All things considered, I did enjoy the chili. However, having more beef and less beans would have changed my mind from liking it, to loving it. Next to arrive was my sandwich, pictured below.

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For one, the picture quality is total crap and I apologize. For two, notice the fact that the food is in a to go box. Yes, I forgot to take a picture, and again I apologize.

When the sandwich arrived it looked great and did not dissapoint. The bread was buttery, soft, and delicious. The cajun sauce was also quite good. It was spicy, but not too spicy. It was orange in color and creamy, having a sour cream ish taste about it. The chicken itself  was also quite delicious. It was grilled perfectly, leaving it juicy and seasoned with a salt and pepper like rub perfectly complementing the chicken. The fries that were the side were also good, actually my favorite thusfar throughout the course. The seasoning was salty, yet not over powering, and they had the crunchy outside soft inside combination that I love. To close out the meal, I could not resist the lemon raspberry cheesecake.

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The cheesecake was… well… amazing! The cake itself was awesome. It’s lemon taste did not overpower the cheesecake flavor, but complimented it perfectly. On top of that, the raspberry sauce you see lace over the cake was yummy to say the least. It was very sweet, and paired with the lemon in a way I can’t describe it was so good.

All in all, I greatly enjoyed the Indigo Palette. Never would I think that an art gallery / coffee house / restaurant would be so good. It provided a new experience, one I greatly enjoyed, along with great food. I reccomend that everyone eat at the Indigo Palette, often!

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