Lunch – A College Perspective

Throughout the month of May, me and my fellow classmates will be traveling to 14 different restaurants in the Siouxland area, filling our stomachs and critiquing as we go. As for my personal blog, it will have a spin rotating towards the views of a college student. The posts will be written in no code that needs decoding; rather, they aim to critique and review food in a way that is easily understandable. Moreover, these posts will be geared towards the overall quality of the food and dining experience, and will close with a specific recommendation along with the ‘college perspective’.

For my blogs, the term ‘college perspective’ will include three basic categories; beer quality, food quality, and price. For the overall recommendation it will be a short,¬†declaratory¬†statement of opinion on whether or not I believe that you, the reader, should eat at each restaurant.

In these blogs, pictures will be available, the food will be critiqued, and opinions will be stated. It is important to note that these opinions are personal to myself, are in no way fact, and do not reflect the views and opinions of Morningside College or my fellow classmates.