Bev’s on the River

Today was by far my favorite meal of the class, and was had at Bev’s on the River. I had never been to Bev’s before, but I was glad that ended today. Immediately upon entering I realized that this was a retaurant that was a cut above the others that we had eaten at so far. The furniture was nice, the scenery was perfect, and the place was spotless. Pictured below was the heavy duty menu, embelished with the Bev’s logo.


The lunch menu was what we were faced with today, and included many sandwiches accompanied by a few entrees, salads, soups, and pastas. Today, I decided to order a few things, starting with onion rings.


The onion rings, much larger than I expected, were very tasty. They were fried perfectly, not to long or too short. They were hot when served, and the onion inside was fully cooked leaving behind none of the raw onion taste I dispise. The sauce served with them was also great. I am not sure what it was made of, but it was very righ and seemed to be a ranch – mayonnaise – southwest – spice – sauce, if that is any help in describing it. Next to arrive was my caesar salad.


The caesar salad was, you guessed it, delicious as well. The lettuce was crisp, cold, fresh, and coated with just the right amount of dressing. The dressing itself was not too spicy or peppery and had a creamy consistancy that I couldn’t have asked to be any better. The croutons also were great, but the best part was the bread stick. The bread stick was extremely soft and warm covered with an incredible cheese-ish butter crumble. I ¬†would have been happy with just the salad and breadstick, but next was the entree I ordered; 7oz prime rib.


As you can see, this tremendous piece of meat was much more than 7oz, a very pleasant surprise. Ordered medium rare, this steak was tender, juicy, and perfect. It was not tough, chewy, or any of those other bad adjectives that are so often associated with steak. The au jus that is used to dip the prime rib in was also very good; it contained a good balance of salt and flavoring along with a not so traditional taste that paired well. The last side were the garlic mashed potato’s. Complete with the skin of the potato inside the mash, they too were good. The garlic was a great compliment to the potato without overpowering its initial starchy goodness.

Overall, my lunch today at Bev’s was very good. Every single course was just as good as the one before it, leading up to the best course of all, the prime rib. I would reccomend that everyone get to Bev’s and make it a regular dining spot. The only thing keeping me from reccomending it being a once a week thing for a college kid is the price, but for everyone else, it should be your new favorite spot!

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