The House of Q

As far as barbeque goes, we have all had it, probably several times throughout our lives. In my own opinion, I think barbeque is delicious, and home cooked barbecue is my favorite. On this day, however, my opinion of barbecue may have just changed all together after eating at The House of Q.

Upon arriving, the outside is neither overly impressive nor was it discouraging.  On the inside, the atmosphere very much matches the feel of a barbecue joint. The menu is located above the window where the food is ordered and is comprised of tons of different options all in the barbeque category. After the food is ordered, they do have employees bringing the food out to you.

Today I decided to go all out and order a few different things, mainly because I was starving and also had never been there before. I ordered the half pound pulled pork sandwich, a side of fries, and twelve wings.  The pulled pork was nothing less than delicious. The bun was soft and perfectly warm, with what seemed to be a butter seasoning coating it. The meat was also very tender and tasty. Coming dry (meaning no sauce, with no connection to the very juicy meat), it is up to you to put whichever of their barbecue sauces on the sandwich you would like. Today, as with most days, I choose the spicy barbeque option. It was delicious as well, with the perfect touch of spicy and tangy barbeque. The fries were steak fries, being thinker in nature, and had a lot of seasoning on them. This seasoning seemed to have a salt and pepper nature. Usually I would be upset with the amount of seasoning, but it was actually quite good on the fries. This sandwich is pictured below, and coming at a price of $7.99 including the side of fries and a drink of my choice makes it very affordable.


The second part of my order today was twelve buffalo wings. If you can’t already tell by the amount of wings I have ordered, I love them and 9 out of 10 times order them if it is an option. The wings at The Q are very different then the typical wing I am used to. They were much bigger in size per wing and had about equal amounts of seasoning and sauce, rather than just sauce. The sauce was buffalo-ish, with its own unique flavor and the seasoning was great, consisting of spices that I could not individually pick out. Together, the sauce and spice made for terrific, one of a kind, buffalo wings. They are pictured below. Coming at $8.99 for the wings, they are not too expensive at all.


The service at the House of Q was also impressive; the restaurant was largely already busy and even so the food was out to our group of twenty no more than ten minutes after each person had ordered their individual meal. Not yet mentioned are the drinks available. They have Coke products on tap that the customer can refill at their leisure, and as for beer they have over 100 different bottled choices, making them the restaurant in Siouxland with more beer than any other. The prices for the beer are starting at $3 as well, making it quite affordable.

Overall, The House of Q is an amazing place to eat lunch or dinner. I went into this meal with the mindset to eat only half and save the rest for dinner, yet I managed to escape the restaurant with only three wings and a small handful of fries.

Recommendation: If you’ve tried it, go again. If you haven’t, drop everything, get in the car, and drive to 2520 Transit Avenue

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