Dr. Greg Guelcher Profile

Dr. Greg Guelcher is a history and political science professor at Morningside College.  Dr. Guelcher has been teaching at Morningside since 1996 and has loved every minute of it.  “There are so many great people here, and the students are the best of the best” says Dr. Guelcher.  Dr. Guelcher’s classes are almost always rated at the top of list.  Many students all agree that Dr. Guelcher brings the most exciting and provocative details out in every history lesson.  “He makes the Ming Dynasty sound like it was Apollo 11 landing on the moon; he’s so excited and enthralled every single day, I don’t know how he does it.” says Johan Frafjord, a Sophomore at Morningside.  Dr. Guelcher isn’t just measured in high regard with his students, but also with his fellow professors.

5 Responses to “Dr. Guelcher Profile First Draft”

  1.   Checo Says:

    I fell asleep and my soul grew tired reading this paragraph. Thanks.

  2.   Checo Says:

    I like the quotes though. I think in your profile through your writing your first paragraph should really bring out the essence of Guelcher as a person. Pretend you are him.

  3.   lmw004 Says:

    Good start.
    Could get a lot more of his background.
    But good use of quotes so far.

  4.   Gustav Says:

    Yeah the quotes are GREAT! xD … you got to love the history department. i’m ready to find out more about Greg. not a bad opening paragraph if this is your introduction.

  5.   fuglsang Says:

    This isn’t the lead you want yet, Cory. Just pick out one aspect of Guelcher for the lead; probably that his classes are always rated high. Then a quote. Then start exploring why he and his classes are popular.