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COMM 208: Fundamentals of Journalism

 “What is it?”

Thursday, Nov. 16

Take yourself shopping and buy something you’ve never bought before. (It doesn’t have to be expensive.) Describe it, of course, using your powers of description: subjective objective, sensory details, etc. What is it? What does it do? If it’s food, what does it taste like? If there’s enough, share it with someone? What’s their reaction? If it’s an object, give it away. Does anyone want it, really? 

Post on your WordPress site/blog.

            250-300 words

Course objective: Communicate ideas clearly, concisely, creatively, and convincingly.

I bought a sleek black briefcase that looks as though it’s for business but feels as if it is for a man who lives his life in and out of the home. It is used and from good will but it looks brand new the fake patent leather is shing as it would have if I got it straight from the factory. The only way one would be able to tell that It isn’t new would be to stick your nose straight into the biggest pocket where it smells of cigarette and public library. It feels soft and sleek but with the versatile amount of space it has it can become heavy and thick but still remain with its powerful Look. The zippers are well kept and are nowhere near fraying from the zip that holds together its entrances. The seams are treated the same way, no loose strings are hanging from the Edges that hold the integrity of the suit case together. Everything I put in the briefcase is stained by the smell of the stink but it doesn’t bother me it just makes sure the story of its previous owner is not forgotten. There is a logo set directly in the Center of the of the bag but its not to draw attention away from the beauty of the bag by complimenting the sleek intelligent Black with the sleek intelligent silver logo made of aluminum. The words US Luggage New York engraved and penned in in black with a red dot below.

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News Comment


Inglewood High School football team beat Morningside high 106-0 And the parents of Morningside were super angry. The article is about the apology that was released by the principal of englewood because the quarterback threw for 13 touchdowns and when they were up 104-0 they went for a 2 point conversion.

I do think its important that this article was written it reminds people that no matter how bad you have it there are people who have it worse, and it helped the principal Circulate the apology throughout the community. The article was pretty well written but the highlight/majority of the article were the quotes from the principal and what the journalist said didn’t matter too much except for context of the apology.

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Science Story

Neutron star collisions probably make more gold than other cosmic smashups

The origin of elements with a higher atomic weight than metal are a mystery, but in 2017 one cosmic question was answered as we seen 2 neuron rush dead stars spew out gold and platinum. a few years later the smashing of a neuron rich star left a black hole in its wake. These two instances left us wondering which finding was more impressive

They decided that the creation of gold and platinum were more impressive because the stars started the process a process that can change physical properties of matter changing from element to element.

The black hole findings were exciting but still a bit underwhelming. Whatever materials that were created in the destruction of the star wee immediately swallowed up by the black hole and gone forever.

Although its interesting both events have unforeseen consequences that can’t babe explained right now, such as whether or not it will be affected by the ripples that were made in spacetime

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Story #2

As our population increases the absolute need for college is starting to decrease. In a poll of 50 students taken on Morningside Universities campus 39 of the 50 said that college was not a necessity to leading a good successful life. The remaining 11 student who I asked said that the education was directly correlated with how far a person would make it in life.

35% of the job market in America requires a bachelor’s degree, While 42% of the population has a bachelors degree. Though these numbers seem close employers reported that 54% of their workforce was overqualified. Some experts are concerned whether too many people are going to college and accruing debt

43.5% of students will go off to a four-year university while 25.5% of students are going to go to junior college. Of the 69% that seek higher education only 63% will graduate from the higher education.

One of the anonymous students polled even questioned the legitimacy of high school education saying “why are we having people who aren’t good at school repeating the 11th grade 2-3 times, just let them enter the job market and stop wasting their time. If you can make $25.00 an hour working a factory, go live your life”. 

This Holds some merit as many bachelor’s degrees have less jobs available than a high school diploma. Philosophy degrees being the first to come to mind for most of the United States have very limited options. The coveted job after getting your bachelor’s degree in philosophy is going back to university and teaching philosophy other than that most jobs are unrelated to the field.

According to American Radio Works many of the people who start college won’t even finish as there are 37 million working age people who have college credits but no degree. 

Even prestigious schools like Harvard don’t mean guaranteed entry into the workforce as they boast 64% post graduate employment rate 2 years out of school. No college can guarantee you a successful life and no amount of education will gauruntee that you wont have real world problems. College isn’t for everybody and ask yourself if its for you before you decide to invest $100,000 of money you don’t have.

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News Comment


The Leaders at the Glasgow conference announced a pact with over 100 countries that says that they will heavily regulate methane and other heavily potent greenhouse gasses in the country by the year 2030. In an attempt to curb methane emissions and save our Nations Lungs. Biden has already cut the nations methane emissions in the United States by 50% since the year 2005

This article is really well worded especially since it is only 15 minutes old at the time and the conference happened earlier in the morning. It’s completely factual and has now real input of opinion. The Lead is very strong It breaks down the who, what, where, and why. The body wasn’t extremely specific with smaller of the 100 countries that signed the bill

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News Comment

NBC Sports Chicago released an article about how the NBA team the Chicago bulls are off to the best start since the Michael Jordan era way back in 1996. It then breaks down the top 4 biggest events that happened in the NBA this week.

The articles headline makes it misleading and there is no real lead it just gets into the top 4 things which have nothing to do with the Lead. The first section is about Chicago but the next 4 are completely unrelated. The story is layered not by importance but by what order the author wrote it in. The first and last section of the body are arguably the most important parts of the entire story. The two middle pieces could very well be there own individual stories. As much as I love the content of the article being that I am a Chicago bulls fan this article isn’t very well written.

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News Comment

The article is about pope Francis and the current President Joe Biden had an extra long meeting on October 29th behind closed doors. The pope suggested that the president still take communion and be recognized as a catholic. Certain news organizations asked Biden Whether or not the topic of abortion had come about, and Biden responded saying the pope just wants him to be recognized as a good catholic.

The article is extremely Emotionless and without feeling the Lead is spot on about what the article is about. It doesn’t really fit ethe triangle of specificity, as the information isn’t really dispersed in a certain order but kind of randomly throughout the article

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News Comment

News Comment 4


The article is about NASA looking for a better way to explain extra terrestrial phenomena. The head of NASA wants to find better ways to explain that all life is not intelligent and ways to gauge the severity of their finds

It was a very NPR style Document it was very journalism to the T

The lead was very Good it was similar to the headline and the body of the article was everything that the lead and headline said It would be.

It was well interviews and there are a large amount of direct quotes towards the bottom of the article

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News Comment


The article is about the day two action of the NBAs opening week one of the featured stories in the article were the Knicks beating the Celtics in double overtime written by the Athletic. Despite the season opening scoring record for the Celtics the knicks still took the game after two extra periods.

The article is actually in a really interesting format it’s like a webpage with a series of different journal entries and pictures of players finishing at the rim as far as the actual journal entries they contain really intelligent postgame analysis… The article “it’s a hell of a way to start the season” was the best and longest recap article out of the whole webpage(that was full of these mini short stories) was full of good quotes from important players for each of the organizations, gave good insight on the season prior.

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News Comment


The article written by CBS news is about how America will have to raise the debt ceiling again by mid-December. Earlier this October Congress moved to have the debt ceiling raised by $480 billion. Experts agree that if we don’t address the problem we will default on our debt and send the entire world into an economic slump. The article is extremely important as its writing on something that could possibly be the end of the lifestyle were currently living

The lead paragraph was extremely long and could have been used as a body paragraph but the same could be said with the headline it felt like a good Lead. The information wasn’t really dispersed on how important it was but rather when it came to the authors mind. The quotes are scattered evenly throughout and very well placed.

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