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  1. Student Success is an important Program to Freshman that just could not reach the college requirements and helps the to attend school. They have meeting with the Student success adviser, Andre McWell the coordinator and adviser for this program. When asked what the program is he said “Student success is a student adapting to a new envierment in and out of class ant learning what is going to take to be successful in this envierment,” He has been helping students to become a better them in college and in life.
  2. USD or University of South Dakota had an assault scandal October 22. A girl was having intercourse with her signifagent other when two football players walked in on them and forcedly had sex with the girl. The girl reported this to the school and the two football players admitted to raping her but when the school had finally relished the information to the authority’s the two football players where not pressed with charges and let go. When asking students some said “the only reason the guys got off was because there were no physical even dents and the school would not release the info because the football players where propyl good players.” This being said it was probably true since that’s what we are all problem thinking.
  3. Stranger things season 2 had can out midnight October 27 on Netflix. Many kids like watching this series and many where excited about the new season and people had marathons and reached the howl first season to catchup. There are only nine episodes to the second season and there where students at the school that stayed up and watched all nine of them. I asked a student if they would do this and why. They said “yes I would do this. If I know that I can see it all I will am addicted to the series.” The thing is yes the show may be good but is staying up to how knows when good for you and the same student said “no its not but hey it’s the life of a college student.” That is a very accurate answer in it of is self because I know that I would do the same thing to.


  1. Aleigha: Have you been able to record this?

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