MCM Explosion

An explode occurred at Mega City Mall at 9:50 near the DQ in the food Corte. No one has calmed responsibility for the explosion and there is no information at this time as to why there was an explore. 100 people where injured but we do not know the servility of it yet we do know that two people have been severely injured one male and one female. We can not release names at the time tell we take to their family’s.

There was a mom that was missing her 12-year-old at the time of the explore and has still yet to be fond. Joy the mom of the chilled is still looking for her kid.

Dylan a man I a wheelchair was over by shelled at the time of the explore. He was just taking his normal day stole around the mall when it happened. He exited the billing and called his wife right away to live the mall.

Engle’s a mall detective saw behind a wall eating a done near the food cortex. He clams to have saws the DQ and McDonalds managers fighting at around the time of the incident.

At this time on one knows for sheer why the boom had gone off and by who. The mall will be closed for today and problem most of the week. There will be a nether pries conference latter tonight and we will have more information hopefully soon.

article #4


Dan Santella has written a lot in his life. In grad school he wrote a tremendous amount, at least 30 to 40 pages, along with, reading and traveling around the world. He did all that to become a journalist and work for KELOLAND news, but the detail and hard work he did to achieve that was what it takes to be a journalist.

Santella has been all around the world from Washington, D.C. for college, to Mexico, Omaha, Texas, Rogan Valley, and Sioux Falls. He majored in Spanish. He has the ability to interact with people and get to know them on a human level, to listen to the personal tings they have to say to him. He learns to take risks with his job like his internship in Texas.

“You got to take those risks. There was a conviction at the end of 2013 that I wanted to pursue journalism in same way shape or form,” said Santella.

Santella has wanted to be a journalist for as long as he can remember. He knows what it takes to be one. He has always liked communicating and interaction with people. He knows that you have to do it right and not mess up. Use details and accurate in research. To make sure everything is correct.

“realizing if you screw up, a lot of people see it. Also the hardest part to it is the finality to it. People are getting news from it, it has to be accurate,” said Santella

Santella knows that if he wavers wanted o be a journalist he had to stand out above the others, to be able to do things other can not. To speak different languages is to connect with people and the interviewer, to get on a personal level with them.

“you have to be a master of the language. To become obsessed of English, to be really good at it and don’t stop,” said Santella.

Santella has to give it his all to be the journalist he is now. He pushes himself to the limit, and then push a little more, he knows that you can not just say facts. To have a voice that shows in your work that will catch your readers attention and make them want to know more of what is going on.

“you got to understand how to tell a narrative. Develop a narrative you can’t just regurgitate facts. You have to push yourself don’t be complacent,” said Santella.

Semester in italy from class mate

contact info: Aleigha Carlson


Number: (605) 123-4567


Release date: 11/30/17

Headline: A semester in Italy that changed Nicks like forever

Morningside colleges and Burbank highs, las angles CA, very own Nick had just spent a grate semester in Italy.

While he was in Italy he got to experience spectacular food, good weather, nice people, and a relaxing vibe. While in Italy he took classes down there.

The classes that he had taken where many art classes such as landscape photos, art history of the Greek and romans, and for fun he had a cooking class where he learned to make really good pasta.

Although the placed smelled he said “I could see myself coming to Italy and spending the rest of my life there.”

nick king non combative personality

Nick king describes himself as someone how is non combative. That meaning when an argument comes up he avoids it.

when he gets in an argument with someone he says “wait day. With that he will wait a day before saying anything to avoid being in a big argument with someone. A way the king tells us that he has done this is when he was offended by one of his friends.

Him and one of his friends where playing video games and doing a skype streaming while playing. While playing the game a tag one of his friends did offended him. But instead of getting mad at his friend waited and by the next day had let it go.

By him being non combative he has avoided arguments and saved his relationships with peole.him waiting and letting the feelings go away overtime has done good for him and having that personality is a very amazing thing.

news comment week 13

did you ever want to live in space well now we might just get to. NASSA is trying to crate a living interment in space. like in the movie walle or the old tv Disney show Zenon girl of the 21st century. they want to make a home for people in space and they are calling it Asgardia. it kind of sounds like Asgard in Thor and all and we all know that  is how they most likely came up with the name. but how cool would it be to live in space they had already shot a sidelight into space and how knows when it will be made. i mean we have talked about this before but it never really happened but how knows many one day we will live in space and i think that would be so cool and i can’t wait to see what they are planing to do.

What’s in there?

For the question what’s in there I went to a look out tower in Sioux falls. At the falls park there is a tower that you can go to and look out at all of falls park. So to get there you walk to the falls park history museum and walk up the stars of elevator to get to the top. You can ether stay inside and look out the windows or you can go out on to the walk way and look out. I had gone to the falls many times but never want in to that building so I want there for this project. When I go to the top no one was there so I want out on to the walk way and looked out at falls park. The view was amazing. I had want when the sun was setting so you got to see the sun set over all the water falls. You could hear the water splashing around and hear so birds up ahead. You could smell Hone Marvels arose the way and I could tell they where cooking some bake. It was cold out since its November and all and since the sun was setting it was just colder and it did not help that I was so high up. Looking down people looked like ants and it was kind of scary. I was at lest six or seven story’s high, but the view was amazing. Since I want there I will come back again and I am happy that we had this project or else I would never have gone up the that place that I have always seen but never want in to tell now.

Bradcast story

  1. Student Success is an important Program to Freshman that just could not reach the college requirements and helps the to attend school. They have meeting with the Student success adviser, Andre McWell the coordinator and adviser for this program. When asked what the program is he said “Student success is a student adapting to a new envierment in and out of class ant learning what is going to take to be successful in this envierment,” He has been helping students to become a better them in college and in life.
  2. USD or University of South Dakota had an assault scandal October 22. A girl was having intercourse with her signifagent other when two football players walked in on them and forcedly had sex with the girl. The girl reported this to the school and the two football players admitted to raping her but when the school had finally relished the information to the authority’s the two football players where not pressed with charges and let go. When asking students some said “the only reason the guys got off was because there were no physical even dents and the school would not release the info because the football players where propyl good players.” This being said it was probably true since that’s what we are all problem thinking.
  3. Stranger things season 2 had can out midnight October 27 on Netflix. Many kids like watching this series and many where excited about the new season and people had marathons and reached the howl first season to catchup. There are only nine episodes to the second season and there where students at the school that stayed up and watched all nine of them. I asked a student if they would do this and why. They said “yes I would do this. If I know that I can see it all I will am addicted to the series.” The thing is yes the show may be good but is staying up to how knows when good for you and the same student said “no its not but hey it’s the life of a college student.” That is a very accurate answer in it of is self because I know that I would do the same thing to.

News comment week 12

USD or University of South Dakota had an assault scandal October 22. A girl was having intercourse with her signifagent other when two football players walked in on them and forcedly had sex with the girl. The girl reported this to the school and the two football players admitted to raping her but when the school had finally relished the information to the authority’s the two football players where not pressed with charges and let go. I mean if yo get this told to you by a student you should be taking action right away not just delaying it like they did. i think it was wrong of the school to do that and that things should have been dealt with quickly and faintly. if it was the football players would not have been let off.

news comment week 11

In the Suburban of Denver Colorado and shooting happened in Walmart at 5:10 p.m. local time.

Scott Ostrem pulled out a gun and shoot up Walmart in this three people died. He ran and was then arrested 14 hours after the shooting. when the shooting happened a few other costumers pulled out weapons in response to the gunfire. the police at first could not tell how was the suspect because of this tell they looked at the footage and ruled them out.

why would some one do that those in the first place how pulls out a gun after a gun was shot and how shoots up a Walmart at five in the morning. we can not know if the man had any mental problems since it can not be given out to public. i just want to know what was going thought that mans mined when he shote up Walmart.

Emma Watsons speech

Seven statements that scare the absolute shit out of Emma Watson is something that everyone that attended the One Yonge World event could understand.

Emma Watson a well renewed actress from the Harry Potter movie seres along with other movies. Was a speaker at the One Yonge World event and had talked to people about what she had read and what she found in reading there papers and that she found where she belonged she said “For the first time in my life, I found my sisterhood; a brotherhood—whatever, however you want to describe it—I found my tribe.” She know that she had fond a place where she could belong to and she hopes those how helped her feel like she belonged that they fond somewhere they belong to.

Watson takes about how she was finding her feminist side when she takes about how she believes in gender equality. One Yonge World conference she spoke in of how everyone here is equal and to both man and woman and we are all people.

When she was ending her speech she had Seven Statements that scared her  she said ask yourself if these have any truth for you in them: I am willing to be seen. I am willing to speak up. I am willing to keep going. I am willing to listen to what others have to say. I am willing to go forward even when I feel alone. I am willing to go to bed each night, at peace with myself. I am willing to be my biggest, best-est, most powerful self. when she says theses things it connected with everyone in the dance. Watson was a phenomenal speaker for the One Yonge World conference she not only coveted with her advance at the conference but those who read and watched it on line.