news comment week 6

The royal family in England is having a new baby. Kate and William are expecting their thrived kid. Everyone is exited to have another royal baby on the way.

This was important news because even though we don’t live in that country it still reached us via news magazines and they even had a Snapchat filter for the baby news. It was amazing that something like that could get all the way here from the other side of the world just by the fact of the technology today. It is exciting and grate news that the royal family is having an another baby even though I don’t live there so it wont be that big of an impact on me I have friends that live there and this is very important news to them. The technology of this helps me keep in contact and connected to them and what’s going on in their life’s.


  1. Anglophiles. What are you going to do? It has always confused me why people get excited about kings and queens and princesses that no longer rule over us. I think I side with the minority of Engish citizens who feel the aristocracy is unnecessary.

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