Who is the King

Who is the King you may ask? Well I’m not taking about the King of rock and roll Elvis Presley. I’m talking about Nick King a student at Morningside College. Nick is a second year sophomore. He is from Aurora, Colorado. He’s an only child, though he has half siblings but he doses not really know them all that much. King lives on campuses, he is majoring in History with a minor in journalism. He went with the two degrees because he says that they are practical and he can get a job almost anywhere, he wants to keep his options open in the future. What King wishes to do with his degree in history is to be a European historian in the medieval area. Nick king dose not just manly focused on his history and journalism classes, in his free time he plays guitar. King says that he doesn’t really have a plan for after college but how knows what the king will do, like he said he is keeping his options open.


  1. Ross Fuglsang says:

    The lead gets my attention, Aleigha, but be careful you don’t make promises you can’t keep. Lots of interesting details; consider how they could be organized.

    One idea to a paragraph.

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