Texas man robs bank day before his wedding to afford ring

A Texas man, by the name of Heath Edward Bumpous, decides to rob a bank in order to pay for the wedding ring; a day before the wedding. Later, his fiancée found out by seeing surveillance pictures that were posted by the police of him, recognizing him right away. 

Instead of a wedding, Bumpous was charged with robbery. Bumpous said that he needed money for the ring, but also money for the wedding venue. Later, his fiancée got in touch with him and asked if he really did rob a bank, but she knew it was him. 

Bumpous turned himself into the courthouse with his gun, along with the money that was stolen. He is now in custody and charged with aggravated robbery. There is no other information on if the couple is still planning to get married or not. 

This news article got my attention because of how weird and different the title was; I had to know more. In class we talked about “newsworthiness” and I was thinking to myself if this article is newsworthy? Does it affect people in Texas/surrounding area? Probably not, but it is still an interesting and funny article to read. 


The Sky’s the Limit

            Morningside Alum, Sioux City Council Member, Career Development Specialist, and avid brewery goer, this is Alex Watters. 

            Watters had a pretty adventurous childhood growing up. Growing up in Ocheyedan, Iowa, live was pretty great in the town of 500 people. Watters is blessed to have 2 loving parents along with 1 sister. Some of his favorite memories was when he was ramping his bike off of curbs, shooting hoops, or fishing with his friends. Once 8thgrade hit, his family decided it was best to move to Okoboji, Iowa, which is about 30 minutes from the small town of Ocheyedan. Watters favorite things to do quickly went from shooting hoops to wakeboarding on the lake, golfing, and longboarding. With growing up and getting through high school only means one thing, college. 

            Watters attended college at Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa. Little did he know; his freshman year of college would change his life forever. Whether it was meeting girls, golfing, or just trying to make money, every day at Morningside was filled with something new. A couple weeks into his freshman year he met a girl at a M’side orientation dance, and they became really good friends. Weeks after school started, he was asked to go to a family reunion at his hometown, Okoboji, with this group of people he met at that dance, and without any hesitation he said yes. Fast forward to the reunion, it was midnight, and they just wanted to go swimming. Watters went out to the dock which was 150 feet out from shore and suddenly a gust of wind got a hold of the hat he was wearing, and it flew into the water. Like any other person would do, he dove in head first to fetch his hat and little did he know the water depth was only 18 inches deep. Watters heard his own neck snap and found himself laying in the water not being able to move his own arms or legs and blacked out. After this tragic incident, he woke up 3 separate times; in the ambulance, in the helicopter, and lastly, a table getting ready for surgery. 2 broken vertebrae, 6 months of rehab, 3 months of bedrest, and many prayers later, his life was changed forever. 

            Fast forward to today, many years later, Watters is a well-known-successful Sioux City man. When asked if he could give any piece of advice, one of his quotes stuck: “you truly determine your destiny.” We all have the same time through the day, so what are you going to do with that time? If you know what you want to achieve in life, go after it and do not stop until you reach it. “The sky’s the limit.”

Stefon Diggs fined over $200,000

The Minnesota Vikings fined starting Stefon Diggs, starting wide receiver, over $200,000 because of a couple unexcused absences from practice and meetings. 

On Monday and Tuesday the days were filled with practice and meetings, yet Diggs did not attend either; but still started against the Giants. Other teams reached out to the Vikings to see if they would be interested in a trade, but Diggs is still with the Vikings. Sources say it would take “an offer they can’t refuse” to trade the all-star receiver. 

The Vikings said no to every team that got a hold of them, and do not plan on getting rid of Diggs at any given time. It would take quite a lot to change their mind. 

This story was interesting because most people follow the NFL, and it is not common that players miss a couple days of practice in a row. The audience for this article is anyone that follows the NFL and the lead will catch peoples eye right away because that is a huge number that Diggs is being charged. This also relates to the class discussion where we talked about if you add the actual number (in this case $200,000) if it adds to the story, etc. In this case I thought it was more interesting and more eye catching if I added the actual amount that he was charged for.


Kim Kardashian & Kendall Jenner Awkward Moment at Emmys

While simply presenting an award at the Emmys, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner feel “deeply uncomfortable and awkward”.

The audience broke out in laughter at their opening lines, which was apparently supposed to have been a joke, but the sisters did not get the memo.

“Our family knows firsthand how truly compelling television comes from real people just being themselves.” The audience broke out in laughter while the sisters stayed silent. Everybody that has seen Keeping Up with the Kardashians knows that the show is definitely not “real people being themselves” nor “unfiltered and unscripted”.

Turns out they “were not briefed” about the the line being a joke. The line they were ordered to say was suppose to be funny, but the sisters did not quite get it.

Seeing this on the news drew me in because of the heading and lead sentences. It was also interesting to me because I watch the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Honestly without a good heading or lead sentence, no one would read this article or find it interesting to read. It had a compelling intro that got my attention. That is why we spend so much time talking about leads in Journalism class, because if they are not interesting, no one will want to continue reading.


Cauliflower and Piroulines

When eating cauliflower, I did not really think much about it because I have eaten cauliflower before. It looks like a white tree, crunchy, and not a lot of taste. The next thing I tried was Piroulines, I have never had the “chocolate cigarette” before. I liked the initial crunch of the wafer outside, but I am not a huge chocolate fan so I did not like the inside of the Pirouline. Overall, 2/10.

Interviews with strangers

For the scavenger hunt in my journalism class today, I had to ask someone about an academic success story, and find someone who had a post-it note with a doodle on it.

 For the academic success story, I found an individual named Madison Goodwin. When I first ran up to her aggressively and asked for a story she looked at me like a deer in the headlights and said “this is weird”. She continued on by saying, “graduating high school, my teachers were a big part of my success”. I quickly ended the interview and said, “thank you so much” and continued on with my hunt. 

Next, I needed to find a post-it note with a doodle on it. I ran into Lewis Hall and found the first person I could, which was Katarina VanderPloeg. I asked quickly and out of breath for a post-it note with “some type of doodle” on it. She looked at me and said “let me look” then began frantically looking through the desk drawer where she was sitting. A few seconds later she pulled out two notes and handed me one with ice cream on it. VanderPloeg said with a giggle, “anything else you need?” and while already halfway to the door I yelled back “no thank you, have a good day”. 

Quick Reflection

  1. I think I put the most effort into actually just reading through the articles and making sure I could easily understand everything well enough to paraphrase and carefully write what the article was saying. I wish I had spent more time on organizing how I wrote things to make it easy to understand. On one article I didn’t understand it as deeply so I just threw “junk” into my paragraphs that might have been hard to understand for the reader.
  2. The most difficult part was making sure everything flowed together for the reader and had an interesting intro to make people want to keep reading, along with a rememberable conclusion. (citing too)
  3. Digging deep into my last article in my paper and making sure it made sense. I think I was successful we will see. 

Free Parking on College Campuses Final

Why make students pay an outrageous price just to get where they need to go for their education? To all of the college/university campuses in the nation that charge a fee for parking; students on campus may barely be getting by for the necessities they actually need; like rent, class fees, books, and gas. 

             “Parking Passes Should Be Free on College Campuses, We’re Just Trying to Get to Class.”, written by Brianna Shackleford explains that college students all around the nation are going back to their second home for another school year. No matter how different every private or state college/university is, there is one thing every single one has in common. Overpriced parking permits.  

            Whether you are commuting every day or if you just brought your car to campus with you, it truly feels like every college or university, no matter what size, is trying to run your bank account dry by charging you yearly to park your car. Is free parking too much to ask for? Is the cost of going to school not high enough? According to Shackleford, “Why make those kids who are paying that much, or maybe even higher depending on where you go, extra in order for them to be able to park on campus?”. Tuition is not a cheap thing at any college or university. As students, you do not even know what we are all actually paying for when it says “tuition”, to students it just sounds like a waste of money. On the other hand, if schools took part of that tuition money students do pay and put it towards free parking on campus, there would be a lot of more joyous students.

In another article written by Matt Reed, he quotes that “I’ve gone on record supporting Open Educational Resources in place of expensive textbooks, and Free Community College in place of tuition.Free parking, when practical, strikes me as another version of the same thing. It’s a straightforward way to get economic barriers out of the way of education”. By adding parking fees to students at universities/colleges, it would not be to “allocate a scarce resource”, but for the sake of revenue. 

            In order to receive a higher education these days, America is making it harder and harder. In “Obama Unveils Plan for Free College Parking” written by Sidd Finch, Obamas initiative that he proposed in 2015, ‘America’s College Parking Pass’, gives free parking to every student, faculty, and staff member across the country. Why is this important, Obama is out of office? Because if we spread this proposal into today’s society to potential be used, “it could be huge”.  

Morningside, and other universities/colleges across the nation, have some explaining to do. Why charge students that are just trying to get to class?  





Four cameras, one phone

Four cameras, longer battery life, waterproof, and better durability. The newest and greatest Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max just released a couple days ago, and consumers are loving it.

When it comes to features, this new iPhone takes the crown. The iPhone 11, starting at only $699 (compared to $800 or greater new iPhones), has a fresh new palette of colors, like purple, yellow, black, white, red, and green. It also features longer battery life, and faster performance by inserting a A13 Bionic chip inside the phones. Unlike the iPhone 11 that only has 2 cameras, the iPhone Pro and Max have 4 total cameras. Each model of phone has different and more high tech features, which results in a higher starting price as we go from the iPhone 11 to the Pro and Max models.

Starting from wide lenses for cropping and zooming, to night mode, QuickTake video feature, 12 MP front camera support, new phone colors, and better durability. Apple continues to step up their game in every aspect of their technology. What will be the next newest and greatest product? 


Police find Branson man dead in pond early Sunday morning

Branson, MO police officers say they received a call around 1:00am on Sunday morning of September 8. The call came near Fall Creek and Willow Bend Road. 

During this investigation, they found out that this man had evidence of breaking a crime, and he was escaping from the police. Meanwhile, while the officers were trying to find him, they heard commotion in a nearby pond. The officers believe that this particular man ran into the pond and drowned himself. The body of this man has been recovered and no names will be released at this point in time. All the information that has been released is that he is in his 20s or 30s.