Interviews with strangers

For the scavenger hunt in my journalism class today, I had to ask someone about an academic success story, and find someone who had a post-it note with a doodle on it.

 For the academic success story, I found an individual named Madison Goodwin. When I first ran up to her aggressively and asked for a story she looked at me like a deer in the headlights and said “this is weird”. She continued on by saying, “graduating high school, my teachers were a big part of my success”. I quickly ended the interview and said, “thank you so much” and continued on with my hunt. 

Next, I needed to find a post-it note with a doodle on it. I ran into Lewis Hall and found the first person I could, which was Katarina VanderPloeg. I asked quickly and out of breath for a post-it note with “some type of doodle” on it. She looked at me and said “let me look” then began frantically looking through the desk drawer where she was sitting. A few seconds later she pulled out two notes and handed me one with ice cream on it. VanderPloeg said with a giggle, “anything else you need?” and while already halfway to the door I yelled back “no thank you, have a good day”.