Police find Branson man dead in pond early Sunday morning

Branson, MO police officers say they received a call around 1:00am on Sunday morning of September 8. The call came near Fall Creek and Willow Bend Road. 

During this investigation, they found out that this man had evidence of breaking a crime, and he was escaping from the police. Meanwhile, while the officers were trying to find him, they heard commotion in a nearby pond. The officers believe that this particular man ran into the pond and drowned himself. The body of this man has been recovered and no names will be released at this point in time. All the information that has been released is that he is in his 20s or 30s. 


Hurricane Dorian Aftermath

Hurricane Dorian ripped through the Atlantic, causing lost power in Canada, left 44 dead in the Bahamas, 2 dead in the United States, and about 70,000 people homeless.

Thousands of people after this tropical storm lost power in Canada. Even though the strong hurricane downgraded from a level 5, it still can create winds up to 75mph. This storm left trees everywhere along with power lines, fences, and construction equipment lying across the streets along the east coast. 

According to the National Hurricane Center, Dorian in its early stages produced winds up to 200mph, and when it crashed into the Bahamas at a category 5 hurricane, it killed more than 44 individuals and left 70,000 homeless. After crashing into this island, it moved at towards the United States at 1mph, now after hitting the U.S, it is moving at 25mph. Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said that the death count is more than likely going to keep increasing because of how many people are still missing. 

Hurricane Dorian will not be forgotten, as it left its impact and a trail of devastation. As it continues to work its way away from land the cities it hit will never forget the impact.