Final Reflection for Yoga May Term

1) in what ways did you meet or not meet your learning goals for the course?  Give specific examples.
2) what did you learn about yourself, your preferences, and your learning style from the course?  Give specified examples.
3) which practices, if any, will you continue in the future?  Why these? (Or, why none?)
1.) I feel like I allowed myself to open up and accept the nature of both yoga and meditation in regards to them both being Hindu practices. It takes a lot to explore new things, especially when they pertain to a certain religion that one might not practice. I also feel like I participated in everything that I felt comfortable doing Yoga pose wise. Yoga is pretty intense and there is a lot to it. I wish I would have made it to class on the two days that I did miss. I hate missing out on stuff so I was bummed when I did miss two days.
2.) I learned that I really liked Hot Yoga! I had a blast doing it and felt challenged to keep myself going even when I was getting tired. I also knew that I liked mediation before but I guess I didn’t realize just how man types of meditation there are. I always just did breathing exercises or guided online meditations. I would have to say that I felt that I learned more by actually doing and having hands on experience. A student doesn’t always get that in a normal classroom setting. This class would have been extremely different had we only read and watched videos about Yoga/Meditation/Hinduism instead of actually physically do the practices.
3.) Meditation for sure. I meditated now and then before I started this May Term. I have always been fascinated with the art of meditation and mindfulness. I also wouldn’t mind taking one or two yoga sessions at Evolve Yoga. I really enjoyed that experience with hot yoga. A friend of mine and I always talked about doing yoga together so maybe this will be our chance. I am not a very religious person but I do have a new found respect for the Hindu religion. I feel like there will be bits and pieces of this class that I will always reflect on and be able to continue to learn from.