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My name is Alexis McKee and I am a sophomore here at Morningside College. I am from Sergeant Bluff, IA which is actually only 10 minutes from Morningside. I graduated from Sergeant Bluff-Luton High in 2011. As a student at Morningside I am double majoring in Business Administration and Advertising as well as minoring in Theatre Management. I am not entirely sure what it is I want to do when I graduate yet. I am a very creative person and whatever I end up doing as a career I hope I can reflect that creativity in my work. I have a huge passion for theatre and have actually done eleven productions through Warrior Theatre. Aside from classes and theatre I also spend a lot of my time working at Sergeant Bluff Pizza Ranch. I have worked there for almost three years now and I can honestly say I love my job. I hope that after graduation I can find a job that I enjoy as much as this one. I would have to say I am a pretty random and fun person. I am laid back and enjoy meeting new people. This blog will be a wonderful way to connect with people and be creative!

Random Fun Facts About Me!

I have three dogs(Maddie/Lillie/Deuce), a cat(Bubbles), and a horse(Chet). I love animals and my favorite is the wolf! My favorite color is blue and my favorite movie is Girl, Interrupted. I have been to Vancouver, Canada three times and one of the times was for the 2010 Winter Olympics! Just this past summer I was able to go on a mission trip to Guatemala (I would love to go back). I enjoy traveling and before I die I would like to visit Australia, Alaska, and Ireland!

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