Meditation and Mindfulness

This morning I was not feeling the best and ended up missing class today. I decided it would be a good idea to use some of my time this morning to dive into the idea and methods of meditation and the art of being mindful. It is so easy for life to clutter our minds and distract us from the present. There are always things to worry about. The distractions we find ourselves consumed with hinders us from being mindful and enjoy the time that we have now. There is an importance of being aware of what is currently going on instead of what will be occurring. Being mindful is a way to help ground yourself in the present.

I would love to work on being more mindful when I meditate. I find myself often stressed out and being lazy because I can’t find a balance between now and the future. I can’t control everything in my life and being aware of what I can is important. I am going to start off by making sure I meditate once a week and then gradually incorporate it into my daily routine. Maybe I will even start to do it once a day. I also am going to start following a meditation podcast that I just found. I need to start somewhere and I think this is the perfect platform to help in other areas in my life.