News Comment Week 8

This article talked about how an an anti-terrorism analyst for the Untied States leaked some very secret information to some reporters.

Henry Frese was the analyst in question, said to have been in a romantic relationship, with at least one of the two reporters that he had given the information.

Frese now faces a maximum of 10 years in prison for transmission of national defense information.

They only took quotes from 2 people in this situation, a short quote from one of the reporters, and a quote from John Demers, the Assistant Attorney General For National Security.

I think the more important quote is from Demers, simply because he has more credibility with the situation, than the reporters do. If you want to read what the reporters said, they already posted articles.

Another thing i noticed is that they talked about how he was romantically involved with one of the reporters right away in the article. They may have been trying to indicate that that was a very important aspect of the story.