News Comment

In this article a child has been pronounced dead after a fight between him and 2 other students. The reason for the fight remains unclear, but the 2 suspects that were in the fight were arrested.

The victim, Diego, was pronounced brain dead in the hospital Tuesday night due to injuries sustained during the altercation.

The 2 suspects in question are booked in a juvenile detention center awaiting trial.

Going to what we talked about in class, this article did not have that many if any quotes from anyone, rather a he said/she said type of situation. I think that in this case it is okay to not have any quotes, because there are many children involved, but I would have liked to see what an administrator at the school would have said about the incident.


Carrots are crunchy with a sweet aftertaste. they have a loud snap as teeth sink into them. Small and orange, this strange food does not look like it should be crunchy but you can snap them like a dry twig. It tastes like health.

Article 1 Final


This article talks about how Researchers from BYU are starting to understand how a fire burns. In their studies they have found that the chemical makeup of a plant determines how it breaks down, and how fast that it burns.

            As of right now it takes computer systems up to 2 weeks to create a detailed model, of a fire, and how it will burn. However what the BYU researchers are trying to accomplish, is giving that information within 20 minutes. This will make the information much more useful, because it will allow us to know which way the fire may move.

Many instances going on right now can be helped with this kind of advancement. In Utah constant wild fires are caused when lightning strikes.

In one instance recently was the Meadow Creek Fire, that burned over 4000 acres of land in Utah. The fire was discovered September, 8th, and was claimed 100% contained on September 26th.

I believe that the research that is being done at BYU could have stopped this fire sooner, causing less damage. Wildfires are a constant threat in Utah, could be made easier to fight, if they knew where the fire would be most likely to go.

India has also been on the receiving end of catastrophic forest fires. According to an article from, the fires that devastated India in February of 2019 burned over 10,000 acres of forest. And that was just in 5 days.

            Wildfires are becoming an issue in forests all across the globe, and this research may help us stop them much quicker. With this research the goal is to be able to predict the path that a fire will take. Knowing which way a fire will burn could help us save hundreds of acres of forests and habitats.

Class Adventure

Professor Fuglsang during class today asked us to go out and interview 2 different people, with the intention of getting 2 specific items.

First up i had to get a doodle from someone. As i walked into the Olsen Student Center i saw one of my favorite cafeteria workers Rebecca. I walked up and explained to her that I was doing a class assignment and i needed her to draw me a picture. Puzzled she looked at me and asked confused “a picture of anything?” i said yes and she proceeded to draw me a masterpiece of a smiley face.


Next i was asked to find a restaurant reccomendation. As I scanned the seen I noticed a tall curly headed man by the name of Jacob Wiley. I walked up to him and said if I was going out to eat where should i go. Immediately without hesitation he said “Sneaky’s chicken”. He looked shocked at what he said and changed his answer quickly saying ” no no no, wait go to Johnny Mars.”

First Reflection

In writing this the biggest problem I faced is knowing what information was important, and what information, I didn’t need to use. The more we talked about it in class the more I got confused about what information from a news story is the main part.

            Other than that I think that I did a good job summarizing the article and raising some valuable points about the future of it.

            The assignment made me think of a news story in a way that I had never had, in the fact that I had to analyze the whole article and really take in the information to be able to determine the real point of the article.

News Comment Week 5

Another parent has been found guilty in a case that has blown up in the last few months. The case is referred to as the “sprawling college admissions prosecution.

In this case parents have been found guilty of bribing schools to accept their kids as participants in various sports teams.

The parent in question in this particular article is Xiaoning Sui. The resident of Spain is currently being held by Spanish authorities, and the United States is waiting for her extradition to Boston for the trial.

Sui was accused of paying a consultant 400,000 dollars to have her son admitted to UCLA as a soccer recruit.

This case is very interesting, because the kids have never been named in the news. I believe this is more to protect them in the school system than anything.

Also it raises concern about how long has this actually been going on in the United States, and how many college students have been falsely placed at colleges, because of their parents.

News Comment Week 4

The Trump administration stated Wednesday that they intend to ban the sale of most electronic cigarettes.

This all came about due to a rise in a mysterious lung disease that has been linked to use of electronic cigarettes.

Alex M. Azar II, Secretary of Health and Human Services, stated that the F.D.A. would outline a plan in the coming weeks for removing most flavored e- ciggarettes from the market.

This is something that I feel that needs to be addressed, because it effects our youth. The youth are the future of this country, and with the constant rise in teen vape use, it will in turn show an increased rate of this mysterious lung disease.

Fire Control

Researchers at BYU are trying to help predict how wild fires burn. This article specifically talks about Thomas H. Fletcher, a fire expert and professor of chemical engineering at BYU stated that “We’re trying to take some of the unpredictability out of the fire.

Though the article talked about the Utah forest fires, the same type of research is relevant on a global scale. Forest fires are hard to stop, and if we can accurately predict the path the fire will go we will be able to contain them much easier, causing less damage to forests and wild life.

Though this is brand new research i believe it is going to be important when talking about the future of wild fires.