Alex Waters Interview

Alex Waters is a well known figure around the Morningside area. On campus he has played a key role in starting the Krone Advising Center, and has been an academic adviser for the last 6 years.

Off campus Alex Waters holds an entirely different title, he is a city councilman. He has been a city councilman since 2017, after losing his first election.

Alex Waters has been interested in Politics since he was a child. He reminisced on the memory of him helping his dad run for mayor and doing door knocking with him.

With the love of helping people Alex Waters has made a huge positive impact on many people’s lives.

News Comment Week 7

This week in California, a law was passed to allow collegiate athletes to gain endorsements, and hire agents. California is the first state to pass such a bill.

The hope is to allow collegiate athletes to market their own name. The argument before this law was that the education is what the sport is paying for. Now however NCAA football made over 14 billion in revenue last year, and has become a nationwide past time. Players need to get paid and shouldn’t have to scrape by.

I think this article is especially interesting, because as an athlete I know how time consuming it is to commit yourself to a sport and still try to work and finish homework.

A sport in college is a full time job, and i think its about time that athletes start getting paid for their efforts.