News Comment Week 5

Another parent has been found guilty in a case that has blown up in the last few months. The case is referred to as the “sprawling college admissions prosecution.

In this case parents have been found guilty of bribing schools to accept their kids as participants in various sports teams.

The parent in question in this particular article is Xiaoning Sui. The resident of Spain is currently being held by Spanish authorities, and the United States is waiting for her extradition to Boston for the trial.

Sui was accused of paying a consultant 400,000 dollars to have her son admitted to UCLA as a soccer recruit.

This case is very interesting, because the kids have never been named in the news. I believe this is more to protect them in the school system than anything.

Also it raises concern about how long has this actually been going on in the United States, and how many college students have been falsely placed at colleges, because of their parents.