Heat Strikes Back

This last summer was one of the hottest summers in recorded history.

According to a post from the New York Times, heat deaths in Arizona have tripled since 2014 and heat deaths in nevada have increased over fivefold.

What does this mean for the future? Due to global warming temperatures have continued to steadily rise, causing major heat waves to sweep across the world. Researchers told reporters that if the temperature continues to rise around the world by 2030 some parts of the world will be uninhabitable.

Dr. Bandala, professor of environmental science at the Desert Research Institute in Las Vegas, has said that a majority of the deaths that have occurred due to heat were people above the age of 50.

Dr. Bandala does not have all of the answers, but he told the New York Times in an interview, “our strategies are insufficient for the current climate, let alone what is coming.”

Classmate Story

What is the definition of tough? Is it being able to endure more pain than anyone? Is it being able to keep calm in stressful situations? Well if you’re Jonah Egli tough is you’re middle name. Jonah grew up in Fort Dodge Iowa where he was home schooled by his mom until he was in high school. Growing up in Fort Dodge there is not a lot of things to do, so Jonah would make the fun happen along with his friends. One particular story that he told was when he was long boarding with his buddies. There was one hill in Fort Dodge that people were terrified to go down, and the vengeful hill held the name Crawford hill. One day Jonah being the toughest man on earth decided that he was going to go down it. Standing at the top of the hill Jonah looked down the steep hill. The only thought in his head was “this hill isn’t better than me”, as he slowly kicked off. A car had come up behind him right before he was about to go down, and went ahead of him. As he started to gain momentum he started going fast. Adrenaline pumping, Jonah flew by the car that had drove past him. Finally coming to a stop Jonah looked back at the monster that he had just conquered and tipped his hat in respect for the challenge. Jonah is a one of a kind dude and the toughest man this side of the equator.

Report on Racism, but Ditch the Labels.

The NPR last week decided to use the term “racist”, when referring to our president Donald Trump. Trump had recently tweeted about a congress woman, and the tweets were deemed racist by the NPR. I believe that the NPR’s decision on calling Donald Trump Racist is morally wrong, and not something we should be doing when talking about our country’s leader. I think the media could have definitely received Trump’s message without using the terms “racist”, or “racially charged”. I believe that this has caused many people to firmly believe that Trump is a racist, simply because the journalist who wrote the article, decided to use a term that slanders Trumps name. Intentional or not i believe that journalism is becoming more about the narrative, rather than the facts, Every single journalist has an opinion and I believe that calling Donald Trump racist is more of an opinion rather than it is actual news.

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