Class Adventure

Professor Fuglsang during class today asked us to go out and interview 2 different people, with the intention of getting 2 specific items.

First up i had to get a doodle from someone. As i walked into the Olsen Student Center i saw one of my favorite cafeteria workers Rebecca. I walked up and explained to her that I was doing a class assignment and i needed her to draw me a picture. Puzzled she looked at me and asked confused “a picture of anything?” i said yes and she proceeded to draw me a masterpiece of a smiley face.


Next i was asked to find a restaurant reccomendation. As I scanned the seen I noticed a tall curly headed man by the name of Jacob Wiley. I walked up to him and said if I was going out to eat where should i go. Immediately without hesitation he said “Sneaky’s chicken”. He looked shocked at what he said and changed his answer quickly saying ” no no no, wait go to Johnny Mars.”

First Reflection

In writing this the biggest problem I faced is knowing what information was important, and what information, I didn’t need to use. The more we talked about it in class the more I got confused about what information from a news story is the main part.

            Other than that I think that I did a good job summarizing the article and raising some valuable points about the future of it.

            The assignment made me think of a news story in a way that I had never had, in the fact that I had to analyze the whole article and really take in the information to be able to determine the real point of the article.