Scavenger Hunt3

Scavenging for good conversations, interesting motivational quotes, and a creatively bent paperclip. The motivational quote was definitely going to be the easier of the two tasks, so that’s what I looked for first.

I stopped Taylor, a fellow student here at Morningside, on her way to get lunch with her friend Quinne. I know both of them, but not very well. Going out on a limb I asked if they knew where I could get a paperclip, but was met with only confused looks and a no. They suggested the student center since neither had a paperclip and agreed to come with me.

On the way towards the student center, Taylor told me her favorite motivational quote. She quoted Allie Brosh who runs a popular blog called Hyperbole and a Half, and said,”Procrastination is its own tool for success. You push yourself so close to failure you become scared and flee for success.”

We went down into the bookstore where conveniently the man at the counter, after hearing Quinne, Taylor, and me talking about the paperclip dilemma, offered me a paperclip. I thanked him and explained that it was part of a scavenger hunt for class, and we talked a little about the scavenger hunt and its objective.

Duane Benson seemed a little confused though when I asked him to creatively bend the paperclip and said, “How can you artfully bend a paperclip?”But he bent it up some after he tried to find a paperclip that was already messed up.



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    Maybe I have a unique definition of creative. It’s closer to “personal” than it is to artistic or artful. Hyperbole and a Half is a really cool name for a blog.

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