News Comment #42

This week I decided to write my news comment on an article titled “The Jamele Hill Controversy Is What Happens When Bigotry Becomes Partisan Politics” by Zak Cheney Rice on Mic. This is a newsworthy story because of conflict and human interest. The conflict stems from the people who want Jamele Hill to be fired from ESPN for her calling Trump out for being a bigot and empowering white supremacists, and the people who think she should not be fired because she is speaking to a larger issue that needs to be addressed. The human interest is there because it is putting a face to  a bigger issue.





  1.    fuglsang:

    It also has currency, which we should be aware of in the media. How much freedom do media personalities have to say what they think? When business like ESPN are afraid of any and all negative publicity, the people who work for those companies lose a measure of freedom.

  2.    yuki suetsugu:

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