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I had been talking to my roommate just before coming to class. We were talking about classes, whether or not there was enough hot water for her to make hot chocolate from being out in the colder weather, and about other little things like the assignments that we still have to do. However, we didn’t do much talking today though just little half conversations because I was working on research for a paper and half watching some show on Netflix.

Most of our conversation happened while she was straightening her long, wavy, red hair, and getting ready for the day unlike she had before her first class of the day. She is rather short around five feet tall maybe and very thin with pale skin covered in freckles. It’s no wonder she felt so much colder being thin. She decided to wear an over sized off white shirt with dark red leggings what she called her “red velvet” outfit.

The doughnut hole was a chocolaty brown being made of chocolate of course and was covered in sugar on the outside. It smelled like a chocolate bread, but more like bread than chocolate. When you picked it up you could feel the individual grains of sugar almost, and the doughnut was soft but not too squishy. It would crumble if squeezed hard enough. Biting into it was easy with the soft, almost cake-like texture, but there was also the almost gritty feel of chewing up the sugar coating. It tasted sweet like sugar and chocolate that was balanced out with the bread-like or maybe cake-like taste.

In addition to the doughnut, I grabbed two of the chocolate rolled wafers. They didn’t smell of chocolate, instead they smelled rather bland. Lengthy and cylindrical in appearance with chocolate swirled into the wafer as well as a chocolate creme filling in the center. The wafers felt almost fragile like if you squeezed it to hard it would shatter and felt kind of papery. It tasted mostly of chocolate creme with the blandness of the wafer.




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    The description of your roommate could have focused solely on her reaction to cold weather. By choosing one specific element or objective, your choices of what to describe become easier. Some good metaphors in the food description.

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