Oct 17 2017

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Science Savenger Hunt

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There is a recent discovery of how breast cancer forms inside of women’s bodies, according to ScienceDaily.com.

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have uncovered differences in the bacterial com-pos-ition of healthy breast tissue vs. cancerous breast tissue. They have discovered that healthy breast tissue contains more of the bacterial species, Methy-lo-bac-te-rium, then cancerous breast tissue.

Charis Eng, M.D., Ph.D., co-senior author of this research said, “Our hope is to find a biomarker that would help us diagnose breast cancer quickly and easily.”

This finding could offer a new perspective on how breast cancer occurs in the body.

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  1. fuglsangon 23 Oct 2017 at 9:21 PM 1

    This is nicely focused, Reilly. The throwaway lead is a bit vague. “recent discovery” doesn’t tell me much. But you do follow it with explanation in the next graf.

    The one thing that stands out is the repetition of the word “tissue.” Is it necessary in every case? (Maybe just breasts.) Is there a synonym?

    The piece is a bit brief, so if you wanted to add, maybe return to the bacterium in the last graf. What might be the next step?