Closing the Interstate dangerous?

The state has long has the ability to "close" the interstate. Normally, this just implies that the weather makes any travel dangerous and if you go out and get stuck you'll be fined heavily for going out after you've been warned. Recently several … [Continue reading]

Windows 7 pop-under?

I can't believe this. I left my desk an hour ago to work on other things while Microsoft Office chugged on this re-activation thing. It had hung at 90% indefinitely. Clicking the close "X", confirm my request to cancel, and it still hangs. It's … [Continue reading]

You can now include media in your posts…

Thanks to anarchy media player. From the visual editor you may click the "A" for anarchy and paste in the URL for your media. Download "Worlds worst ring tone" … [Continue reading]

Testing youtube

This is a video: I can understand where he is coming from. A microwave that won't unfreeze your turkey is useless. Never-mind the oven and stove three feet away that probably works without … [Continue reading]

Active Directory / Python / Linux

My custom "mldap" module, which interfaces with Windows 2003 Active Directory via Python LDAP is growing again! I've started objectifying the code and integrating more with my Aims module. I'm 90% on a piece that does userAccountControl bits. My … [Continue reading]