AIMS Destroyed by fire..?

Oh, I had the worst nightmare. AIMS was consumed by fire in my presence and without backups.

Whew, I promptly changed the tape this morning when I came in.


Signed up for the “Free” version of Akismet for site-wide protection. I happily sold out the footer on every page for $380/year savings.

Enjoy the lack of spam.

WordPress-MU Upgraded

I just upgraded the site-wide installation of WordPress via the automated upgrade option. Easy as cake, awesome work WordPress-MU team!


Crikey, I loath PHP. I almost hated it due to an oversight in modifying this site’s scripts.

return “$root/$blog_id”;

The above does, in fact, work. It was getting butchered elsewhere.

Every thumbnailed image in WordPress assumed that I was the only user and knew nothing of the dynamic paths. I’ve since re-written the thumbnail script (cropper.php) to convert /path/ to blog_ids for proper operation and should polish off the results and put them back upstream (if possible).