Little Gödel

One day, little Gödel went to class. For whatever reason—perhaps, an unhappy love affair or a bad hangover—little Gödel’s teacher did not feel like teaching. Instead, he instructed the class to sum all of the integers to one hundred, that is, to calculate . The teacher correctly expected most of the class to do what […]

Closing the Interstate dangerous?

The state has long has the ability to “close” the interstate. Normally, this just implies that the weather makes any travel dangerous and if you go out and get stuck you’ll be fined heavily for going out after you’ve been warned. Recently several gates have been installed on on-ramps in the Siouxland area which can […]

Windows 7 pop-under?

I can’t believe this. I left my desk an hour ago to work on other things while Microsoft Office chugged on this re-activation thing. It had hung at 90% indefinitely. Clicking the close “X”, confirm my request to cancel, and it still hangs. It’s here I realize a glowing icon in the task bar. Clicking […]

Testing youtube

This is a video: I can understand where he is coming from. A microwave that won’t unfreeze your turkey is useless. Never-mind the oven and stove three feet away that probably works without flaw. Ah, Muse. I needed this after watching freakout.