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Drew MaGary and The Postmortal

I wasn’t able to make the Drew MaGary event on Wednesday, but I looked up a video of a speech he gave in Dallas, TX. From what I’ve heard about the event here, it was pretty much the same speech. He talks about his past, and how it kind of ties into the book. He uses examples of how he acted, and tied it into how young adults like us see the world. He told how he wrote the book to try and change the way that people saw things the way they did, because nobody wanted to blame themselves, and instead, blame everybody else. I think that MaGary did a wonderful job of presenting, even if he didn’t talk about the book that much.

Groups That Made Me Who I Am

There are several groups that I can say that I am a part of. Son, grandson, nephew, cousin, brother, athlete, student, friend, teammate and classmate.

As a son, and grandson and nephew for that matter, I am expected to pay attention to my parents, or grandparents, or aunts and uncles. I am also expected to help them when it is needed of me, and I am able to do so. As a cousin and a brother, it is expected/required of me to help my cousins and brother as much as possible. That being said, it is also required that I pick on them from time to time as well, just to annoy them, or to point out a mistake that they can fix. I am required as a friend to help my friends whenever possible, with anything that they might possibly need, to the best of my ability.

As an athlete and teammate I am required/expected to do what is best for the team, and sometimes that might be admitting that I am the wrong person for what they need to get done. If I have to sit to let a better player take my spot, so be it. In the end the team will be better for it, and maybe I can see what it was I was doing wrong, and then fix it. As a student and classmate, it is expected/required of me to go to class, and do whatever work is assigned. If I’m required to work in a group, and it is part of the class, I will. If a classmate needs help outside of class and I can help them, then I feel that I am also expected/required to do so.

There is also one thing that I personally believe–meaning that not everyone thinks, or feels the same way–that all of these groups require of me. I must protect those people that are in those groups that I am a part of  if it is needed.

I am recognized as a son because both of my parents love me. They always have and always will. The same is true of my grandparents, and aunts and uncles. I am recognized as a cousin because they too love and care for me as a part of their family. I am recognized as a brother, and even though neither one of us will admit it to the other, because my brother and I love each other dearly. We may fight one another, but as soon as we are in trouble we will back each other up in every way possible. I am recognized as a friend because I am always helping my friends out if they need it and I can do so.

I am recognized as an athlete and teammate because I am included in things that the team does. Fundraisers, teaching younger generations about the sport I play, being in the game, and going to practices are all things that a team does. We go to events for other sports that people we go to school with play as well. It helps to show a strong front between our different sports teams, and that we support each other.

I am recognized as a student because I always show up to class, unless something comes up that I can’t make it, and I do my best to get my homework done on time, and correctly. I am recognized as a classmate, because I will work on assignments with others if they need help, and if I already have mine done, I can show them the steps to take to get theirs done as well. I do not do homework for them, they don’t learn anything from that, and then they flunk the tests, which is bad.

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