2 draft

October 10, 2017 | | Comments Off on 2 draft

Sports have many different levels and its every little athletes dream to one day play at the highest level. When talking about basketball there are millions of kids all around the world dreaming to one day play in the NBA. For very few this isn’t just a dream but a reality. But why is it that the NBA make these kids wait at least one year after high school to be eligible for the NBA draft?


Morningside athlete joe Genaways said” there is no good reason for the NBA to make this rule. Basketball isn’t to dangerous for kids out of high school, I mean, look at LeBron James, he went right out of high school and his career turned out pretty well.” It makes sense for the NFL to make kids go to college first because its just to dangerous for kids fresh out of high school to go right to the NFL. Kids would get hurt if not killed out there. But basketball is only putting the kid in risk of injury at the college leave and never getting to see a professional start. Who is really benefitting here? Mitch Kellogg, Morningside student athlete goes on to say “the colleges are the only ones benefitting here. They are making superstar kids make the university’s lots of money before they are able to go to the pros.”


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