Observing Starbucks

October 2, 2017 | | Comments Off on Observing Starbucks

For this assignment I decided to go grab a coffee in Starbucks and observe the people who came in and out of there for an hour. It was interesting really paying attention to the people and my surroundings. The majority of people who came in seemed as if they were in a rush, a few people in particular, constantly checking their phone while anxiously standing in line. The employees seemed just a touch overwhelmed being they had a line of 3 people inside and a line of about 5 cars outside. The one man who looked the most anxious of course was the one who’s order got messed up. He was upset and told the Barista he didn’t have time for them to remake it and that he’d just take that one. Once the man left I saw 2 of the coworkers exchange some “oops” faces to each other then continue on with the other orders. I noticed how they would have rushes of people then go a good 10 minutes without no one. It was interesting seeing the flow of people and how they all seemed to come at once.


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