I like to watch TV while I am doing my grading – and now I realize I have seen some really bad TV in the last week because of all the grading I have to do.  Wah Wah, poor me!


When I first got here, I did not know what the ACE day was.  Now that I do, I wonder what students think and feel about it.  Comments, please?

Bruno Mars had it right – although I am not sure that he is as tired as me when he sang the lazy song – in fact in the video, he and the monkeys look kind of energetic….

Ask yourself, is a lazy day bad?

If you were a Pokemon, and your name was Buttkickeon, what would you look like?

So it is my free-can birthday and I am unable to talk due to illness!  Talk about rotten luck.  I can’t really celebrate when I feel like just sleeping all day…..

Two-thirds of my students, on the other hand, are celebrating.  It is hard to hold class when you can not speak above a whisper.  Only the Leadership ones had to suffer the torment of Mary today!!

I can not tell you how exciting and energizing it is to work with people who are between the ages of 17 and 25.  They have so much optimism and opportunity in front of them!  It makes me wonder why more people do not try to be around them.

I always laugh when I hear people say that the youth of today are spoiled, lazy slackers.  I am sure that this is said about every generation.  The fact is, the young people I know are vibrant, hard working and ambitious.  They are able to take criticism and strive to improve themselves.  For the most part, they are honest.

I am the luckiest person in the world to be able to spend time with young people!

Is it really possible to do anything productive on Friday afternoon?  I think the answer must be no.  With hours of grading sitting on my desk inspiring feelings of guilt and despair, I still choose to surf Pink videos while finding other unique and equally non-productive diversions.

They are all over the house and of course, they are not lost in pairs.

Maybe I should just tweet this – but it is so nice to deal with a guy who is so kind and helpful.


So how do you set these things up? They sure have crappy instructions for first time users. Hope this is right or I am wasting my non-existent time.