Month: August 2019

Flight Risks

“A passenger jet pilot swerved to avoid drone near Gatwik Airport,” a chilling article, unveils the small and dangerous problems Gatwik Airport has been facing for months. Drones flying illegally. One passenger jet pilot noticed a small drone in his path, and he was forced to bring down the plane in an “emergency landing.” This wasn’t the first incident, either. Gatwik has postponed many flights during December for “drone sightings,” as they are at high risk of endangerment.

After reading this article I was left to question the precautions taken not only within the airport, but outside the fences, as well, when an aircraft takes off. While the report never informs the readers on the consquences bestowed on the owner of the drone, what gave him the idea to fly so close to an international airport? Was he informed of the law? Are there any signs posted? Even without proper signage or knowledge, the countless incidents of endangering drones in only the past few months infers that proper punishment is not being enforced to prevent further altercations.

Deleting Labels

“Opinion: Report On Racism, But Ditch The Labels” was an interesting counter argument against the labelling of Washington, D.C.’s own National Public Radio. Regarding President Donald Trump, the author of this article places “actual journalism” and “argumentative noise” head-to-head in an attempt to stop the, opinionated, labelling of the President a “racist.” He believes journalism should be strictly factual. Which would, in turn, challenge NPR’s statement claiming Donald Trump a “racist,” because it is not factual nor can be proven. Towards the end, he does seem to side with his fellow journalists by stating President Trump’s words “mirror those of avoid racist.” However, this was strictly to strengthen his argument because his words would, then, be factual and supporting.

Upon reading this article, I side mostly with the author. I do not believe NPR had the right to label President Trump a racist because it cannot be proven. Journalism is opinionated work, yes, but it must be factual or else it is just a rant from someone behind a computer. Additionally, this article challenges the writing of other authors, which I fully support. It is time for the news we read every day to be informative and factual at the same time. It would be a disservice to the people if any journalists did anything but use evidence to support their arguments. So what does that mean for journalist and the media? They must be held accountable for the work they put out. If one-sided, I do not believe they can say their work is “news.”

Meeting Makaelyn

Upon walking in class Thursday morning, I was convinced I had stepped foot in the wrong classroom. A group full of upperclassmen, and then myself, a freshman. I walked to find a seat and, to my surprise, I placed myself next to senior photography major, Makaelyn Glienke. It seemed natural and easy to get to know someone like her, and that is precisely what happened. I was made knowledge that she picked Morningside College somewhat last minute before walking on campus her freshman year, but has loved it ever since. She made it appoint to me that her choice has been beneficial because she really loves the small school environment. She is from Cherokee, Iowa (an hour northeast of Sioux City, Iowa). Nevertheless, the move to Sioux City was not out of the ordinary, as she has family that lives here. Her looks may deceive you, as they did myself, to believe she is an athlete here at Morningside College, but that she is not. However, she does participate in Crossfit in order to stay fit and healthy.

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