Upon walking in class Thursday morning, I was convinced I had stepped foot in the wrong classroom. A group full of upperclassmen, and then myself, a freshman. I walked to find a seat and, to my surprise, I placed myself next to senior photography major, Makaelyn Glienke. It seemed natural and easy to get to know someone like her, and that is precisely what happened. I was made knowledge that she picked Morningside College somewhat last minute before walking on campus her freshman year, but has loved it ever since. She made it appoint to me that her choice has been beneficial because she really loves the small school environment. She is from Cherokee, Iowa (an hour northeast of Sioux City, Iowa). Nevertheless, the move to Sioux City was not out of the ordinary, as she has family that lives here. Her looks may deceive you, as they did myself, to believe she is an athlete here at Morningside College, but that she is not. However, she does participate in Crossfit in order to stay fit and healthy.