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Minerva's 2945 Hamilton Blvd.  Sioux City, IA 51104

2945 Hamilton Blvd. Sioux City, IA 51104

One last meal with the class, and a first time trip to a popular restaurant. I headed back to Sioux City from Spencer after a radio interview debuting my recent single, “Maybe” for radio play, and was pumped for some high class dining. Minerva’s is about as classy as it gets, as the decor inside sets the stage for a beautiful dining experience.

Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade

When the waitress (incredibly polite with a solid sense of humor) asked for beverage orders, I started with a simple Michelob Ultra, but moved to the strawberry lemonade train after that. This drink was the perfect remedy for a summertime sweat. The sugar on the rim as the perfect way to combat the minor tartness of the lemonade itself. Needless to say, I would buy this by the gallon if it was made available.

Coconut Shrimp

Coconut Shrimp

For an appetizer, we ordered the coconut shrimp, which turned out to be a shocker. Usually, shrimp is shrimp, but the wasabi and other sauce it was doused in gave it an unbelievable kick. The punch the sauces gave my taste-buds was almost a little too much for me. These weren’t my favorite, but luckily the quesadillas and onion rings that came to our table were out of this world. They were cooked and prepared to perfection, and I’d suggest either of them if you visit.

House Salad

House Salad

It’s not every day you rant about a house salad, but today is that day. I was crazy about the Caesar dressing and the way it accented the lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. The cheese on top just added another pleasant layer of flavor, and the croutons were great. Minerva’s does salad right.

Cajun Chicken Linguine

Cajun Chicken Linguine

For my main meal, I was in the mood for pasta. I’ve never been to a place that looked like Minerva’s that couldn’t knock a pasta out of the park, so I figured I might as well order a full flavored dish and snack on bread and appetizers until it arrived. The Cajun Chicken Linguine was incredible. The chicken had a perfect balance between spicy and flavorful, and the vegetables all worked together to accent the flavor of the chicken and noodles. I was was unbelievably happy with the broccoli, too, being a complete and utter victim to the glory of a well cooked tree. The entire dish worked together, and there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that I’d order it again the next time I hit this joint up.

Tin Roof Sundae

Tin Roof Sundae

Knowing that this was our last stop during our class, I figured I might as well go all-out. Looking at the dessert menu, one item definitely stuck out to me. Seeing the term “Tin Roof Sundae” would have been enough on a normal day, but seeing “sugar coated bacon” in the description had me SOLD. This was the best dessert item I had in our entire time in this class. My Review: Minerva’s is a MUST.

Bev’s on the River

Bev's on the River 1110 Larsen Park Road   Sioux City, IA 51103

Bev’s on the River
1110 Larsen Park Road
Sioux City, IA 51103

With our dining experience dwindling down to within its final days, we began to up our class with our restaurant selection. We all met at Bev’s on the River, located on Park Road in downtown Sioux City. Before I even walked in the door, I let loose a sigh of relief that I had worn a collared-shirt and a pair of shoes that weren’t open-toed. In a classy joint like this, we made a group decision that we absolutely had to order some appetizers, and there were two items that called my name.


Blackened Sirloin Tips

Blackened sirloin tips. The name says it all. It’s almost impossible not to at least hit a ground-rule double on something like this, but Bev’s absolutely knocked it out of the park. The beef itself was tender, flavorful, and juicy. It was cooked to perfection, and the garnishes around it just made it that much better. The dipping sauce was outstanding, accenting the sweetness of everyday ranch dressing with a light kick.


Artichoke and Spinach Dip

This dip was about as solid as it gets. I’m not a big fan of spinach or artichoke, but the way this dish was thrown together made them both work. The melted cheese on top tied the entire appetizer together, and the Italian bread was outstanding. The outside edge was flavorful and crunchy, and the inside was soft and flavorful. After getting my fill of the appetizers, I figured I’d have to move on to the main entree at some point. When the waitress wandered back around, we all put our orders in, and after much debate, I settled on the Country Fried Steak. My love for southern comfort food pointed a finger this way, and my mind took off in full sprint. The pre-dinner salad was excellent. The main critique I had was that the cheddar and broccoli soup was a little light on the cheddar…and broccoli. The bread stick that accompanied the soup, however, was interesting and unique, as it somewhat resembled a doughnut in its consistency.

Country Fried Steak

Country Fried Steak

Country Fried Steak. Even the name makes my mouth water a little. This was an absolutely outstanding selection off the menu. The entire presentation put a smile on my face, as the hulking slab of home-breaded steak sat atop the gigantic bulge of mashed potatoes, with gravy drizzled all over both. The potatoes were very clearly home-made, as they melted in my mouth and had the pleasant taste of butter and love. The steak was a knockout. Granted, if you fry anything, I’m probably going to enjoy it, but this was exceptional. The breading had a full flavor, and the meat was tender and delicious. My review: while Bev’s may be out of my average comfort zone, I could definitely picture myself bringing a date here. This place would be the perfect setting for a date in Siouxland.

PS: The dessert changed my life for the better. Double chocolate cheesecake. Do it.

Double Chocolate Cheesecake

Double Chocolate Cheesecake

Indigo Palette


Finally back in the land of corn and beans from my trip to Nashville, I met up with the rest of the folks at another 4th Street staple. Looking to add a little culture to our dining experience, we aimed for Indigo Palette. This little joint not only serves as a restaurant, but an art gallery as well, displaying local pieces and making them available for purchase to the public.


The view right when you walk the front door pretty much describes the place, as it’s mixture of artistic elements all melted together to create a relaxing getaway from the everyday bustle of city life. Looking around, it was interesting to see the stark contrast in the pieces on the wall; ranging from bright, colorful pieces, to simple black and white portraits. The price tags one the pieces also seemed to reflect the depth of the work, as several paintings within plain sight valued over $500. Fortunately, the menu wasn’t as pricey as the wall decor. We were advised to start with the coffee, and at the waitress’s advice, I ordered “The Climax.” The coffee flavor coupled with the caramel creamer blended well, making it a delightful treat.

image(42) image(43)

Our appetizer of choice was the mozzarella bites and sauteed tomatoes, which also worked rather nicely together. The texture of the cheese was nothing to write home about, but the flavor is what matters after-all, and that was delightful. The balsamic vinaigrette added a whole new layer of taste, and along with the lightly baked Italian bread, all tied together nicely.

The Indigo Burger

The Indigo Burger

I chose to stick to what I knew, and ordered the biggest hunk of beef I could find. “The Indigo Burger,” clearly named after this particular restaurant, took about a half hour to make, but due to the size of our group, there was no reason for me to groan about a few extra minutes for a self-titled sandwich. With a little time, this burger proved to be well worth the wait. The old school bun was a pleasant change from the typical McDouble, and the fresh cut tomatoes and onions added a juicy splash into the equation. I was extremely pleased with the burger, as the meat was very clearly homegrown in the Midwest. The extra toppings of bacon, cheese, and onion proved to be exactly what the doctor ordered, giving this little morsel a kick of southern comfort, even though I’ve left the South behind.

Onion Chips

Onion Chips

The side order I selected was the onion ships: seemingly thick, flat, onion ring style slices. The flavor was outstanding, although the hunks of onion used were a little too thick and large. I’d still rate them as well above average, however.

Double Chocolate Brownie

Double Chocolate Brownie

The final phase of the meal was dessert, and this place did NOT disappoint. I ordered a double chocolate brownie, and although I boxed up half my burger to take home with me, I suddenly discovered that without even thinking about it, I had inhaled the entire dish. The warm, moist brownie was perfectly accented by the classic taste of vanilla ice-cream and cool whip. My review: while the overall atmosphere wasn’t necessarily my style, I’d definitely return to Indigo Palette. The people were friendly, and the food was outstanding.


Piranha's Bar & Grill 113 2nd Ave North   Nashville, TN 37201

Piranha’s Bar & Grill
113 2nd Ave North
Nashville, TN 37201

While walking the streets of downtown Nashville on our final day in the city, we decided to walk off the beaten path. We wondered down a few side streets, scanning the shops for souvenirs, and eventually decided to address our hunger. After a quick pit stop at a Jack Daniel’s themed shop, my attention was turned to a sign sitting on the sidewalk outside a small dive-bar type restaurant.


Seeing this, and knowing that I’d have to blog about wherever we stopped next, I knew I had to challenge this sign. If the “Best Sandwich Ever Invented in Life EVER” was inside, I was going to have to see for myself. I walked in the door, ordered a tall glass of root beer, and tossed in an order for the “Hot Ranch” wings at the suggestion of the bartender.

Hot Ranch Wings

Hot Ranch Wings

The wings had a very distinct taste, just as their name implies. The ranch seasoning had a spicy kick to it, and the sauce from the wings drizzled its way down onto the home-cut fries, dousing them with the same rich flavor that made me fall in love with the wings. In all honesty, these little chicken drummies would have been reason enough to return, but the sandwich that soon made its way in front of me was an entirely different story. First, let’s start with the anatomy of a “Piranha sandwich.”


Judging from the black-board chalked to the max with images of this monster, I knew I was in for a full meal, so I took a full-on “Man vs. Food” approach, and prepared myself for battle.

"The Piranha Sandwich"

“The Piranha Sandwich”

Look at it. It’s a thing of beauty. A mountain of homemade coleslaw made with just the right amount of spice to accent the sweetness, six strips of bacon, a pile of homemade, hand sliced french fries, a massive slice of provolone cheese, a fried egg and a massive stack of capicola. The capicola was a new experience all to itself, as the salami style ham not only had a kick to it, but an unbelievable sweetness and juicy consistency. The slaw was absolutely unbelievable, and as you can see from the picture, the centerpiece to this puzzle of savory splendor. As a Midwest carnivore, it was a pleasant surprise to see something other than meat taking a center stage for once, especially since it did so with such grace. The grill was right behind the bar, and watching the owner/cook take such pride and have so much fun throwing this MONSTER together was almost as much fun as actually eating it. I can honestly say that in all of the places I’ve blogged on, Piranha’s was my favorite place, not only for the food, but for the overall experience.


“Breakfast Shot”
1/2 shot Jameson Irish Whiskey
1/2 shot Butterscotch Schnaps
1 shot Orange Juice
1 strip Bacon


Speaking of the experience, immediately after finishing our meal, we were greeted with a “Breakfast Shot.” Try it sometime. You won’t regret it. And if you ever make it down to Nashville, TN, you best find your way into Piranha’s for one hell of a meal.

Chuy’s Mexican Grill

Chuy's 1901 Broadway Nashville, TN 37203

1901 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203

Second day down in Nashville, and after a long day in the studio, it was chow time. Weak, tired, and worn down, Chuy’s was the only destination for our famished mouths. Having eaten here once before, I was sure of the quality of this Broadway Street staple, and I was more than willing to start off with an appetizer…of sorts.

The Perfect Margarita

The Perfect Margarita

It only took about thirty seconds of browsing through the drink menu for me to find this little beauty, the perfect mixture of Patron tequila, fresh sweet and sour mix, and a splash of Cintronge liquor. This was by far the most perfectly mixed beverage of the entire trip, as the Cintronge accented the other ingredients, giving it a unique sweetness unrivaled by those in the Midwest. In all reality, this drink and the handmade tortilla chips would have been more than enough to satisfy my tastes.

Cheese dip and salsa

Cheese dip and salsa

The cheese dip, made from a spicy cheddar cheese, in contrast to the usual white cheese sauce seen in most restaurants up north, had an interesting kick to it. Needless to say, we went through two orders. The salsa was heavily spiced with cilantro, making it just about as hot as anything I’ve tasted at a Mexican joint. The chips were crisp, and very clearly fresh, as they melted in your mouth right along with the cheese. Unfortunately, this was the highlight of the meal. Deciding to stray off the beaten path of your typical burrito and tacos meal, I decided to try a special, and aimed my sights at the “Elvis Presley Memorial Combo.”image(29)

Seeing an opportunity to try something new and interesting, I quickly put in my order, and happily awaited the dish coming my way.


Elvis Presley Memorial Platterimage(32)

Now for the entree. The “Priscilla Presley Platter” (top) was incredibly similar to your average American style taco. The same cheese sauce we’d become enamored with in the appetizer portion of our meal joined forces with authentic Mexican style beef. I thoroughly enjoyed this portion of the meal. The rest, however, was a bit TOO far off the beaten path for my liking. The rice to the right of the enchiladas was a little too flavorful for my preference. Being a huge fan of rice, I was looking forward to this, but only a few mouthfuls found their way onto my fork. The beans on the right, however, were rather bland. An accent of cheese helped, but in all reality, I was ready for some meat. Each enchilada had a different flavor to the sauce on top. All the tortillas they were wrapped in were a little too thick for my taste, taking away from my traditional favorites of simple meat and cheese. The red chili sauce on the first lacked the sweetness I was expecting, and was all spice. The middle “verde chili salsa” had a good taste to it, but unfortunately garnished a blue corn tortilla shell, and I just wasn’t digging that. The far left entree was just an average enchilada, and by that point, I was stuffed. Having eaten here before, I know there are better meals here, but I’d still give Chuy’s an overall solid grade. I WILL be returning, if not for the food, than for the amazing margaritas.

Chuy's back story

Chuy’s back story


Bosco's 1805 21st Ave South Nashville, TN 37212

1805 21st Ave South Nashville, TN 37212

Starting the serious “traveling” part of my blog, I made my way south for Nashville, TN. While the food in Sioux City, IA had been great, I couldn’t help but be a little excited to taste cuisine in another part of the country. After a fourteen hour drive with little to no pit-stops, I was ready to eat. Unfortunately, only a Steak and Shake could tide me over until the daytime hours of an actual restaurant would give me anything blog-able. During our lunch break from the studio the next day, I was guided to a local brewery/restaurant by my co-producer and studio technician named “Bosco’s.”
                      photo(15) image(24)

Nashville is a big city, and crime is no stranger in certain parts, so when I saw the outside of the joint, I became a little leery as to what we had gotten ourselves into. Construction on almost all four sides of the building accompanied a nice, colorful banner on the front, and we made our way inside…and BAM. High-class mahogany greeted us. It was easily one of the most pleasurable visual dining experiences I’d ever had the pleasure to take part in.


I swore to try something new and unusual, and shrimp pizza definitely fit that bill. I immediately ordered the “Santa Fe Shrimp” pizza, topped with ancho shrimp, black bean sauce, mozzarella, jack and cheddar cheese, and pico de gallo and sour cream. The wait was short, and the service prompt, as a quick refill of my water later, our main course had arrived.

Santa Fe Shrimp Pizza

The flavor of this thing was unlike anything I’d ever had. An avid shrimp fan, the cajun style spice they had applied to their meat was unreal, as it kicked with a gentle tang. The cheese was a little light for my taste, but being from Iowa, I’m accustomed to the dairy overload of a cheese-o-holic. The tomatoes had full flavor, and really popped, adding the entire thing together in a way that made it taste even better than it looked. The temperature was pleasant, as it was clearly done, but not so scalding hot that I couldn’t enjoy it. Between me and a friend, we consumed the entire thing within a matter of minutes.

Close View
Close View

Taking a closer look at the meal, I noticed that they had taken a borderline Cajun approach to an American meal, and that’s exactly what made this place unique and different. My review is simple. The next few days, I’m going to go exactly where I’m guided by the locals; they know what they’re talking about. Bosco’s was a solid dining experience, and even during the busy noon hour, the service was dynamite. Constantly sweeping past, snagging your water glass, and bringing it back to the table without so much as a scoff in your direction, the wait staff earned themselves a rather sizable tip, and the restaurant itself earned a repeat customer. I can’t wait to come back again.



Rebo's  1101 4th St. Sioux City, IA 51101

1101 4th St.
Sioux City, IA 51101

Looking for a nice change of pace, and in the mood for something with a little kick, our next meal led us to “Rebo’s” located in downtown Sioux City on 4th Street. Having never eaten here before, I picked up on the vibe rather quickly. I’d describe it best as a friendly atmosphere with a Caribbean spin on Mexican cuisine.


Trio App=Best. Appetizer. Ever.

Looking at a menu full of option, the first thing we did was order an appetizer. Looking for variety, we went with the “Trio App,” as to get a few choices. We were most certainly not disappointed with what came our way.


Caribbean jerked chicken legs, Caribbean shrimp wrapped in bacon, and chicken quesadillas.

The appetizer was an absolutely homerun. The chicken was tender with a crisp layer of well-seasoned skin. The shrimp bursted with flavor, as the bacon accented the Caribbean flavor well, and the quesadilla was perfectly browned, and filled with well-melted cheese and chicken. The way the tortilla flaked, I could only assume it was homemade, which added to my solid impression. Infact, I was so enamored with the appetizer that I completely neglected the fact that I had ordered an entree.

Tijuana Train-wreck.

Tijuana Train-wreck.

The entree was the icing on this Caribbean cake. When I ordered it, the description did it no justice. It was described as “Corn tortilla layers of chili verde, shredded m

achaca chicken, topped with cheese, roasted corn & black bean salsa & sour cream.” What I failed to realize is that this baby was a full on West-Mex style lasagna of flavor. About two inches deep, it took a full fork-load to even get a bite out of the pan. Appearance aside, and trust me, it was beautiful, the taste set this dish apart from anything of its kind. One bite, and I was ready to order another to-go. The black bean salsa gave the dish an extra kick, and the chicken was tender and flavorful. My favorite part of the dish, however, was certainly the mountain of cheese that held the whole thing together. On an interesting side note, I’d never had Mexican style rice as good as the side-dish at Rebo’s either. It had a certain kick to it, while still maintaining a traditional flavor. The bean were superb as well.


Chocolate Pecan Cheesecake

For dessert, the waitress convinced me to tally on one more morsel. Chocolate pecan cheesecake was suggested, and whenever the word “cheesecake” comes into play, I’m sure to give in. Just looking at this masterpiece as enough to bring me satisfaction, as it almost looked too good to eat. Each bite seemed better than the last, as I forced everyone around me to try it, just to prove that a great decision it was to purchase.

My review: I will be revisiting Rebo’s. The food was great, the service was solid, and the atmosphere was just how I like it: laid back. The only critique is that the lemonade was a little sweet for me, but that’ the price you pay when you hand-squeeze your own lemons. You can’t win every battle, but you sure as heck won me over, Rebo’s!

Milwaukee Wiener House VS. Coney Island

Milwaukee Wiener House 309 Pearl Street Sioux City, IA 51101

Milwaukee Wiener House
309 Pearl Street
Sioux City, IA 51101

The culinary competition in the Sioux City area is fierce. Continuing my run through the gauntlet of local restaurants, I took the “wiener challenge,” as it was phrased to me. The age old establishments of “Milwaukee Wiener House” and “Coney Island,” both Sioux City staples were to be pitted against each other. Located within city blocks of each other, it was easy to walk from place to place, which was both convenient and confusing. Taking into account the opinions of others in my orders, I decided to order relatively similar meals, as to not give one an unfair advantages due to the addition of chili to my dog. First came Milwaukee Wiener House.


Double Dog. Two hot-dogs with onions, chili, ketchup, and mustard. Accompanied by Parmesan and Garlic chips and a vanilla milkshake.

My review: Milwaukee Wiener house was excellent. As an avid hotdog fan, this place was right up my alley. Several folks inside the door advised me to try the chili, and I was S-O-L-D. I ordered a double dog, and was met at the counter by a rather dull looking smile from an obviously overwhelmed worker. Once he’d regained his composure, he slid me my tray with my dog, accompanied by a bag of Dutch Crunch chips and a vanilla milkshake. The entree was a couple of standard wieners under a mountain of beef, ketchup, mustard, and onions. The bun was soft, and the chips (which were a complete toss-in) turned out to be a total winner. They accented the dog perfectly. Side note: the milk shake was good, but not jaw-dropping.


Coney Island
510 Nebraska Street
Sioux City, Iowa

My review: After having my expectations set extremely high by Milwaukee’s best wieners, we headed on over to Coney Island. As one of Sioux City’s oldest restaurants, if anyone was going to upset the Wiener house in a game of one-on-one, it would be Coney.


Order space inside Coney Island

The space inside was half the size of Milwaukee Wiener House, requiring a lot longer wait. Patience wore thin before the line finally started to move, but I still walked in with an open mind. I ordered one Coney Dog and one Cheese Dog, along with a diet coke.


One Coney Dog, one Cheese Dog, and a Diet Coke

The natural casing of the dog was worthy of writing home about, as it encased the natural flavor of the meat, and cut through the relative dullness of the meat and cheese. It’s nearly impossible to complain about that combination, but neither really held a candle to that of Milwaukee’s Wiener House. I was, however, impressed by the onions at Coney Island. They were strong, fresh, and incredibly tasty.


Guy Fieri at Milwaukee Wiener House in Sioux City, Iowa.

My verdict: If you’re craving a hot dog, you really can’t go wrong with either place. I enjoyed the service at both, and the food was good, but my personal preferences just tilted the scales toward good ‘ole Milwaukee. Time is limited for the wiener house, and if you want a shot at tasting one of Sioux City’s best kept secrets, head on down and grab yourself a dog!

Red Bones Cafe

Looking for another solid meal in the area, we took a page right out of the “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” playbook. Although we may not necessarily have a Guy Fieri in our group, we surely have good taste, and always pack our appetites. Having lived in Nashville, it also made sense to look for a little southern comfort in the Sioux City region, and Red Bones Cafe was our restaurant of choice.

The exterior may have been a little rough, but it did NO justice for the meal awaiting us inside.

The exterior may have been a little rough, but it did NO justice for the meal awaiting us inside.

Once we made our way inside, it became clear that outward appearance did absolutely no justice for the experience waiting. The waitresses immediately greeted us, seated us, and took our drink orders. Seeing “Sweet Tea” on a menu other than that of McDonalds brought a grin to a country-boy’s face. I certainly didn’t need any coaxing into ordering the tallest glass they had.

Sweet Tea done the right way. Sugary, refreshing, and absolutely delicious.

Sweet Tea done the right way. Sugary, refreshing, and absolutely delicious.

The tea came as an absolute shock, and set the tone for was was sure to be a solid dine-in experience. It was clearly southern style, and after asking around a bit, I was informed that it was brewed this morning. Fresh AND refreshing? Yes, please.

Red Bones Cafe menu

Red Bones Cafe menu

There were several options on the menu, but the one that spoke to me most was the “Southern Fried Chicken.” A little taste of home after time spent down south, and possibly one of the best all-around dining decisions I’ve made in the last year were on their way. Southern fried chicken with sides of home style mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. Now that’ a meal.

Southern fried chicken, home style mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, and cornbread

Southern fried chicken, home style mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, and cornbread

Now for the important part: the meal. While the tea served as a solid appetizer and warm-up for this platter of delicious southern goodness, I couldn’t help but grin when it slid within my grasp. The chicken was superb. The breading was just crisp enough to peal apart from the meat, and flavor was a steady explosion as it hit my tongue. I was incredibly surprised with how tender the meat was, and it was clearly cooked to perfection. The potatoes were definitely homemade, a evidenced by the fact that it literally melted in my mouth. Not necessarily being a major fan of cornbread, I have to admit that even this was the perfect amount of sweet. With all that considered, however, the MVP of this meal came in the form of my second side.

Home-style Mac and Cheese

Home-style Mac and Cheese

The mac and cheese stole the show from my perspective. The taste of real cheese cut through the well-cooked noodles and sparked a celebration of flavor with each bite. Kraft just won’t cut it from this point on. Essentially, I had enough meal on my plate that I had to take home a piece of chicken (which lasted about 3 hours in my fridge before losing a battle to a microwave and my bare hands) and didn’t have to break the bank getting it. That alone is enough reason to return for more. Throw in the friendly service, amazing flavor, and the comfort of a home-cooked meal, and you’ve got a recipe for success. This just in: Red Bones Cafe is THE AUTHORITY on Soul Food in Sioux City, Iowa. image(7)

Bob Roe’s Point After

Located at: 2320 Transit Ave. Sioux City, IA 51106

After a few hours on the road with only 8 ounces of Mountain Dew and a half-eaten bag of Cheetos to comfort me and the boys, we decided to make a pit stop. Bob Roe’s Point After, the subject of much local chatter, seemed like the perfect place to stop, as we were all craving an order of wings (which we could find here according to local-legend) and a nice cold brew.

The exterior was a little rough, but we weren’t exactly looking for the Ritz. We knew we were going in search of good food and a laid back atmosphere, and that’s exactly what we found here.

A mason jar filled with chilled Fat Tire lager. Yes, please.

The first course was entirely liquid. It’s not difficult to please a group of men who’ve been trapped in a moving vehicle for several hours, especially when there’s beer involved, but the ladies and friendly mid-day service at Bob Roe’s did the job. Even after snagging our orders, the waitress continually circled back to our tables to ask if there was anything else she could bring us.

Now for the important part of this experience: the meal. First, we got a basket of the notoriously popular wings. College students from the Sioux City area rave about the flavor of Roe’s wings, and with two dynamic flavors to choose from, it came down to a virtual coin-toss, with honey-mustard coming out the eventual champion.

Dynamically flavored Honey-Mustard wings served FRESH with a side of Bob Roe's ever-so-popular sour cream ranch dipping sauce.

To put it lightly, the wings were good. To be completely honest and forthright, they were amazing. Although they may not make their own sauce at the restaurant, they have definitely figured out the key to infusing the flavor into the meat. As each wing passed through my grasp and into my mouth, my smile grew wider. My senses were in full force, and not only did I find myself enjoying the food; I found myself enjoying the atmosphere. Although “Wing’s Wednesday” is the popular draw for this establishment, I found myself enjoying a “Wing’s Monday,” and loving every minute of it.

The main course, was not the wings, however. Having heard much chatter involving the pizza here, and having been taken advantage of my one-too-many chain restaurants during our road trip, I wa more than willing to give it a shot.

Cheeseburger Pizza. Honestly, it was splendid.

The exact reasons others might rant against this pizza are the exact reasons I’m going to praise it. There was a lot, and I mean A LOT of cheese on this bad boy. The chef in the back knew exactly what I wanted when I said CHEESE-burger pizza. Layer upon layer of cheese drizzled over tender hamburger accented the somewhat crunchy crust in a surprisingly pleasant way. The sauce of the pizza was rather standard, kind of blending in with the rest of the dish, and refusing to stand out, but amongst the mountains of cheese, it was easy to lose sight of the ONE flaw I found in this entire meal.

To sum things up, I would, and most definitely WILL swing through Bob Roe’s Point After again. The service was solid, the beer was ice-cold, and the food was top notch. Thank you, Sioux City, for a delightful meal. Now time to hit the road again!

-Casey Muessigmann