Article 4 Rough Draft

16 and pregnant

Olivia Stillman found out she was pregnant her junior year of high school. She contemplated having the baby or not, and made the choice to have it. Her plan was to give it up for adoption.

She dropped out of school and did online classes while she was pregnant. Her boyfriend, Jackson was very supportive. Her father is very well known in Gretna, Nebraska. He has a lot of money, so luckily that was not an issue for Olivia.

After she gave birth, she realized she could not give her baby to another family. She kept her and named her Blakely. Olivia, Jackson, and Blakely are a happy family and Blakely is now 3 years old.

I have pictures

Did you like the family you were planning to give your baby to?

How did you feel about dropping out Junior year? Was it difficult? Did you think you weren’t gonna graduate?

Where do you live now? What was the living situation with Blakely when she was born?

Was it hard to see Jackson take her to his house?

What was childbirth like?

What was the scariest part about finding out you’re pregnant?

How did having a baby so young change you?

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