Classmate Story: Generous (Nov. 23, 2021)

Somewhere around 1 am at a friend’s house on Halloween night, Zach Norton heard someone yelling upstairs. Someone was saying “Coop is bleeding a lot!” and Norton and his friend found Coop sitting on the floor bleeding from his head. Generously, Norton walked his friend back to his dorm room, and gave him Ibuprofen for the pain.

We figured out the next day he was going outside to go to the bathroom and on his way in he slipped on the cement and fell on his head. When Coop woke up the next morning, blood was everywhere on his face and pillow. Right away, Norton took Coop to the Emergency Room. It was not anything too serious; Coop got only four stitches.

“There was so much blood everywhere on his pillow the next morning. I was like, yeah, this man needs stitches,” said Norton. “Then I waited a whole hour for this man to get stitches.”

When I asked Norton why he decided to help Coop, he quickly replied, “He was standing there with blood dripping from his face asking somebody to help him. I looked around and saw no one around to do anything so I helped him home.”

Finally, I asked him what this act says about his character. Norton laughed and said, “I’m the guy that folds the quickest.”

10 thoughts on “Classmate Story: Generous (Nov. 23, 2021)

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  2. fuglsang

    A good story, but I’m not sure I would label it generous. More
    like caring, or dependable/responsible.

    I’m glad Coop survived.

    The comment from bilenesoruyorum is likely spam.

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