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The sun is our energy, warmth, our morning. We wouldn’t exist without it. Recent discoveries from a team of astronomers proves it is possible for a planet to survive without its star.

Dr.Blackman and his team of astronomers discovered the first planet to orbit a white dwarf. A white dwarf is a star that burns up all its energy and explodes. A planet has never survived the explosion of its star, until now.

Astronomers are hoping to catch a glimpse of life on this unfamiliar planet. Using the light that the white dwarf projects, it is possible to actually see if life exists. This brings into play a phenomenon researched by Dr. Lisa Kaltenegger called Second Genesis. It suggests that life may not have survived, instead it started over.

Dr. Kaltenegger, a member of the team that found the planet said… “I find the study exciting because it adds to the growing evidence that planets can survive the death of their star, which leads to intriguing questions about the future of the cosmos, If planets can survive the death of their stars, can life as well?”

Distance is the deal breaker. Planets orbiting at a close distance from their star have no chance of surviving its death. Exactly how far does a planet need to be from its star to survive the explosion?

Joshua Blackman, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Tasmania and lead author of the study had this to say…“If humanity is somehow still around in five billion years, we would probably have a better chance of surviving the sun’s red giant phase on a moon of Jupiter than on Earth.”

I would be packing my bags and heading to Jupiter now, but that is not possible.

However, it is possible for a young man to escape prison for life. The story that holds so much attention right now is the case of Kyle Rittenhouse. The 18 year old was at a police brutality protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year. He killed two people and injured a third with an AR-15. Rittenhouse pled not guilty. He said he was using the weapon as self defense.

Rittenhouse was charged with two counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety and three counts of first-degree intentional homicide. His verdict was not guilty on all five counts.

But what’s really surprising is the prosecutor’s attempt to use the video game “Call of Duty” to incarcerate Rittenhouse.

I asked “so and so” how he feels about a prosecutor trying to use COD against him to incriminate him…

This leaves us with the question “If prosecutors can use violent video games against someone to potentially incriminate them, should these games be illegal?”

Popstar, Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert in Dallas, resulted in 300 people injured. The lethal crowd also killed 10 people from ages 30 all the way down to a 10 year old boy. Scott is facing billions of dollars for the damages and death. People were saying he did not stop the concert when he should have.

I asked 21 year old Sadie Roth, a fan of Travis Scott’s music, who she thinks is responsible for this tragedy, the crowd or scott himself… Do you think there should be an age limit for these types of concerts?

Scott released an apology video for his fans and for his fans who passed away at the Astroworld concert.

*Scott Apology*

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  1. Lokal Sökoptimering

    The fact that you´re allowed to attend a protest gathering with an automatic rifle is insane. What´s the intention of that action, you have to ask yourself. What´s the purpose with selfprotection if we as ppl cannot go safe on the streets without heavy gun-protection. Shouldnt law enforcement have that role instead? Something is really wrong in society when guns are the first thing we´re thinking about carrying when heading out to the streets of your neighbourhood a Wednesday night.

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