News Comment (Nov. 11, 2021)

Rikers, New York City jail complex has failed to meet the basic needs of the prisoners. Since October, it has been reported that 30% of correctional officers cannot work. The prisoners are left alone for hours. The authors opinion is to add more jails specifically for people with mental illnesses who should not be grouped with other prisoners. Another opinion of his is to take some vacant jails and turn them into well maintained jails. The point of the story is our incarceration system is lacking in severe ways.

The target audience of this story is everyone. It is a cry for help. The author demands change to our criminal justice system. I think his main focus is our government officials, because they are the only people who can actually make a change. One of the first things said in the story is 30% of correctional officers are not working, so the author could be trying to get more people to work in jails in prisons. I personally do not want to work in a jail or prison, but is is so important we have people that do.

Because a hefty percent of our population is in jail/prison, and the criminal justice system has been a topic of discussion since forever, the story is news. People need to be aware of how poorly prisoners are cared for and protected. This new public opinion would reduce the number of people incarcerated by 2,000. And that is something we should all want and fight for.

Feature Story Ideas:

  1. I could talk to a prisoner about how he is cared for and what it is like living in prison
  2. I could talk to Eric Adams, because he plans to replace the dangerous jails with smaller humane jails. And he was just elected mayor.

5 thoughts on “News Comment (Nov. 11, 2021)

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  2. fuglsang

    Good ideas. Not likely you could interview a prisoner, but there are plenty of former prisoners available. Also, good observation that the US does have a lot of people in prison. We’re competing with China and Russia and a couple of other fun countries.

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