Adele is Back (Media Comparison)

The news story from New York Times and the broadcast story are about Adele’s new single, but are both written very differently.

First off, the leads are significantly different. A broadcast lead is called a throwaway lead which should be one good sentence. The lead from the NYT story has numbers and rankings from billboards while the broadcast lead was “No more gray skies for Adele fans.”

Another big difference is the visual affect that you can’t get from a news article. The broadcast story had an interesting fact about the location of the music video. It was the same house that she recorded her last hit song “Hello”.

Finally, the purpose of the stories are different. The news story is all about how her album is Num.1 on the charts, and the author compares her views to other top artists from the week. However, the broadcast story is mostly about what her song is about. We learn her song was written for her son, so he can understand why she got divorced.

After reading the article from NYT and watching the broadcast story, I found the broadcast story was more emotional and enjoyable to learn from.

One thought on “Adele is Back (Media Comparison)

  1. fuglsang

    ET is aimed at fans, and it’s going to speak to them directly. It even brings in her son. I can’t see the relevance, but… The NYT takes a business-oriented angle. How the song makes money.

    Some good observations.

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