Something New I bought

Last night, I tried a Chicken Chalupa from Taco Bell for the first time. A new meal needs a new drink, so I also tried the Cherry Twilight freeze.

When I had to think about something new to try, I wanted to try something new from a fast food place I go to regularly. Taco Bell came to mind. I’ve tried most things on the menu, but not the Chicken Chalupa.

The Chicken Chalupa alone is $3.19. There is the option between steak or chicken. I chose chicken, because I like it better, and it is cheaper. The Chalupa looks like a taco with a pita bread-like shell with tomatoes lined up like a rainbow. The shell is nicely floured and tasted just the right amount of sweet. The chicken was chopped up perfectly, but there was too much sour cream that took away the flavors of the lettuce, cheese, and chicken. I might order the Chicken Chalupa again, but I would get rid of the sour cream. The Twilight freeze also is not my favorite.

I have drank three different flavors of Baja Blast freeze: Strawberry, Mountain Dew, and now Cherry Twilight freeze. Strawberry remains my favorite flavor. The blueberry and cherry did not mix well together in the Twilight freeze. It smelled and tasted as if I bought a slushy from Kum&Go. However, it looked pretty. Red and blue colors mixed together with highlights of purple. I will not be buying the Cherry Twilight freeze again.

My experience with this taste test inspired me. I would like to try the same entree from different restaurants and decide which one I like better. My next stop will be Qdoba where I will decide if I like the Qdoba burrito or the Chipotle burrito better.

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  1. fuglsang

    “It smelled and tasted as if I bought a slushy from Kum&Go.” I don’t buy sodas at Kum&Go, yet I can imagine what you mean. A successful metaphor. Also, good explanation of “pretty.”

    I’ve done both Chipotle and Qdoba. If you like Cilantro, you may like the Chipotle better. (I’m not big on Cilantro) I actually think Panchero’s is the best of the three.

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